Caramel Heavenlies Cookie

Today we are happy to welcome Brenda from a farmgirl’s dabbles to our table!  Brenda's blog, built on the foundation of a midwest farming family shares her journey of preserving and sharing family recipes, traditions and memories.  We are delighted to have her share a story and a recipe at our table today! ~Chris Ann & Kristin ****** Hello! I’m Brenda from a farmgirl’s dabbles. And I am both honored and delighted to have been asked by Chris Ann and Kristin to join them at their table. I just love these girls.  … [Read more...]

German Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

Today we'd like to welcome Natalie Slater, to our table!  Natalie is the creator and writer of Bake and Destroy.   She's a resident blogger at WTTW Chicago Tonight and has served as a judge on Food Network's Cupcake Wars. Ever since she was a little girl her sweet tooth has been razor-sharp.  Natalie shares her love of baking with us fostered by times shared in the kitchen with her mom.  We're so glad to have her here as a guest at our table!  ~Chris Ann & Kristin ****** My happiest holiday memories definitely … [Read more...]

Sugar Plum Cookies

We are so happy to begin our first LoveFeast's Cookie Exchange post with our friend, Kate Selner.  Kate is the talented writer and home cook behind the lovely written blog, Kate In the Kitchen featuring the beauty of authentic foods, memories and family.  Like always, we are so happy to have Kate join us at the table and share her story!  ~Chris Ann & Kristin ****** I want to introduce you to my wonderful and creative friends behind LoveFeast Table. Kristin, from Baltimore, and Chris Ann, who is right here in … [Read more...]

Savory Chocolate Glazed Salmon

The cooking was fierce this week!  Recently we had challenged Ryan from the blog This Is Reverb, to what we call a TakeOn.  We sent him a mystery ingredient with which he had to create a savory dish.  Ryan agreed to this challenge while the LoveFeast Table gang was spending a long weekend together in Minnesota.  We had come together for a LoveFeast Table power planning weekend and we were giving away some Sweet Goddess sauces in our first GiftAway. We pulled the Sweet Goddess sauces out and tasted them and gave Devon the … [Read more...]

Cranberry Muffin Recipe

Fall is my favorite food time of year!  Pumpkins, spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, lamb, onions, turnips, beets, apples and cranberries!  As soon as I see cranberries hit the shelf at the store, I scoop them up and add them to our daily diet! This week I made yummy cranberry muffins! They were delicious and gobbled right up!  Let me know what you think! Cranberry Muffins: 2 C. all purpose flour 2 C. whole wheat flour 1/2 C. sugar 1/2 C. honey 1 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 2 eggs 1 … [Read more...]

The Expected Fall “Apple Picking” Post…plus!!

As I blog hop, there is a common theme this time of year.  It usually comes in the form of pumpkins, apple picking and hay rides.  I have to say, they all begin to look alike after a while.  Cute kids.  Crisp pink noses.  Huge, orange pumpkins.  Red apples...and lots of apple recipes.  I'd like to tell you this post will be different.  But, it won't. There are cute kids with pink noses. Orange pumpkins. Piles of apples in wagons. And a Bonus!!  The bonus is one of the most killer apple … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Bread Challenge!

A couple of months ago, as I was visiting Honey and Jam's blog, my eyes fell on a Cinnamon Swirl Bread recipe and it caused me to dream and plan ('cause sometimes it take a bit of planning to make bread with my crazy schedule).  Yes, it took me a couple of months to slide it in, but boy am I (and my family!!) glad I did!  If you've never attempted to make a loaf of homemade cinnamon bread, I encourage you to try!  Making bread sounds daunting to many, but once you get the hang of it, it really is easy and … [Read more...]

Pizza On The Grill

Kristin and I have a little saying called "breathing the dust" -- and by this I don't mean flour dust...I mean more like pixie dust.  Dust that when you breathe it in, makes you dream crazy things.  Dust that makes you believe crazy things.  Dust that makes you do crazy things.  Things you barely have time to do because the laundry is piling up, and you drive in your van running kids all day long. This dust makes you dream things you are technologically underdeveloped to do.  But, you do it anyway.  But, sometimes it makes … [Read more...]

Masala Chai Recipe

Chai in the summertime?  You betcha'! (That's what we say about anything we agree with in Minnesota.)  It was the the most wonderful of afternoon pick-me-ups!  And, how fortunate for us it was made by someone who really knew what they were doing!  While we were visiting Kristin & Devon in Baltimore, another one of their friends, Vivek, who is from India, happened to be in the U.S. on business.  So, Devon drove into Washington, DC to pick him up and bring him back to Baltimore for a visit as well.  We usually start craving a … [Read more...]

Goodbye Party LoveFeast Style

The day after Chris Ann and family arrived, we had to prepare and get ready for a good bye party.  Our good friends, Amanda and Noe and their three kids, were moving to Moshi, Africa.  (It seems as if there have been a lot of good byes lately!) We had been planning this party for a couple of months and we were so excited when Chris Ann and Todd booked their ticket for the same weekend!  That would mean, this would be a LoveFeast in true CA and K fashion!! The sangria was good and marinated!  Devon and Todd began the … [Read more...]