Roasted Gems

Just had to add a quick blip...roasted gems...I personally think should be added to every  Thanksgiving Menu!  Cut golden beets, red beets, parsnips, turnips, carrots in large chunks.  Toss together with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and roast on 375 F, covered with foil until soft.  Can take up to one hour or longer depending on the size of the cut.  Let them cool a bit, then toss and watch the gems glisten!!   … [Read more...]

Hafta Have Yifta, Don’t-ya-know!

Thanksgiving dinner in our family would not be complete, don't ya know, without a festive layered bowl of red and white Yifta.  The entire dinner conversation at my first Thanksgiving with my husband's family was abowt Yifta.  The mystery of Yifta, I was told, begins with the mysterious transformation of three simple ingredients to heavenly cakey delight, overnight, covered in the fridge.  What are the three top secret ingredients in Yifta?  Have you ever tried Yifta?  Who makes the Yifta?  Where did the Yifta come from?  Is it a … [Read more...]

Minnesota Mama Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

I admit, some days I pull out frozen pizzas for dinner.  And, once I even sent my children and Kristin's son into a gas station  for breakfast.  But, today was a different day.  I went to bed with visions of anise pumpkin muffins in my head, and woke up inspired.  I have this ongoing fantasy that my children come home to baked bread or chocolate cookie smells--but usually not.   However, this morning was cold, sunny and cold, the kind of fall day in Minnesota that tricks you into thinking you can wear just one layer and then … [Read more...]