Holiday Cocktails & A Sparkly Mini Cooper Giveaway

In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we are constantly looking for ways to add effortless sparkle to the table. Throughout the season, we want to have the freedom to invite a few neighbors or friends over on a whim and be ready to quickly throw out a few delicious nibbles and fun cocktails. We stock our refrigerators with special cheeses, our pantry with a variety of crackers and our bars with a couple of bottles of bubbly. Freixenet ("fresh-eh-net") is a great, affordable holiday bubbly to keep around. Not only does the … [Read more...]

Hearty Guinness Beef Stew

Maybe it was a visit from our Irish friends that were here for a month on sabbatical. Maybe it was the cold, crisp fall weather outside. Whatever it was, I was inspired to make a big vat of Hearty Guinness Beef Stew. I don't know about you, but nothing says fall meal to me like dark, rich stew with a side of crusty, warm bread slathered with creamy, slightly salted butter. I know, right? You want a bowl right now, don't you? Every good stew starts with a slew of onions. (In my humble opinion.) Then with a generous pat … [Read more...]

Early Fall Farro Salad Recipe

Recently we were at a writer's retreat with some friends of ours. It was a beautiful weekend with time to relax, be inspired by one another's stories, wiggle our toes in the lake, get a little paddle boarding in and share delicious meals. The first evening we prepared dinner and the dish that was front and center, was this Early Fall Farro Salad. We used it as a bed for baked white sole. It was a dinner full of fresh, clean flavor not to mention, the best of conversations! 5.0 from 1 reviews Early Fall Farro Salad Recipe … [Read more...]

Raspberry Fizz Wine Cocktail

It's great to have some easy go-tos when you're entertaining.  Having good wine on hand and some quick up-your-sleeve cocktail ideas ready, makes entertaining easy.  Recently, we were introduced to The Naked Grape boxed wine.  Easy to carry with a built in handle and an easy pour spout, The Naked Grape is easy to grab for any gathering. Easy entertaining is something that everyone can aspire to. It's a refreshing pour and a great everyday wine at $20 for a 3L box!  We loved the smooth finish and peachy fruity flavors.  … [Read more...]

Homemade “Like Mama Use to Make” Pasta

Now, don't walk away. I know what you're thinking, "Homemade pasta is beyond my skill set, my pay grade!" But, I have to tell you, and I mean this...Homemade Pasta is EASY, PEASY to make! I promise. Years ago, when all my kids were little, I made it all the time. I had a pasta roller and I'd do fancy things like roll out thin sheets of pasta and place single leaves of parsley in between two layers, roll them together and have stain glass like pasta. I'd whip up homemade pesto and toss the velvety, steaming pasta with the sauce … [Read more...]

The Simple Things in Life

It's the Little Things in Life that sometimes make the greatest impact. Many times a handwritten note means volumes more than a new piece of jewelry, or a single cut rose more than an overflowing bouquet. Attention to detail, thoughtful, edited can often be profound, distinct and beautiful.  We love the simple. Both of our gardens contain a variety of fresh herbs. A clipping of fragrant basil, tarragon or thyme can bring a simple dish to life. If you've never grown herbs in your yard, know that they are super easy … [Read more...]

Grilled Fruit Summer Sangria

The LoveFeast Table girls are known for their sangria. Depending on the season we experiment with flavors and tools needed to create a batch of mingled fruity goodness. This time we gathered summer fruits sweet and delicious, watermelon, peaches and pineapple. These are fruits we grill on a regular basis. They are all perfect to add as a summer garnish, salsa or in this case sangria. Once the fruits are grilled and chopped and added to the pitcher the next step is to pour some wine. For this batch we used Black Box Wines. … [Read more...]

Asian Cole Slaw Recipe

Every now and then, Devon gets his culinary inspiration on and chops and sprinkles magic onto a dish. Most of the time, it comes unexpectedly and I am not around to capture it for you. But for this simple little dish, I was there with camera and pen and pencil in hand. A lot of times, his dishes are inspired by whatever is in our fridge. He's been known to clear out a refrigerator (Chris Ann can totally attest to this!) and whip up a gourmet meal with ingredients that were thought to be the scrapings of nothing. Looking in … [Read more...]

The Dessert Course~Bread & Wine

People talk about their love language, whether it's a kind word, a gift, an act of service or a hug. For us, our love language is time at the table sharing a good meal, delicious wine and great conversations that linger into the night. In fact, it was the many meals we shared over the years, that inspired LoveFeast Table. There is something sacred that happens when you pull up a chair to a common table with a group of people. With candles flickering, scents of roasted lamb and caramelized onions wafting from the kitchen, the … [Read more...]

Homemade Pie Crust Tips & Tricks

We were given a couple of cases of blueberries. We decided to turn them into pie, a plethora of pies; Blueberry Pie with crumb topping, Blueberry Custard Pie and Blueberry Pie with a Lattice Crust. If you're new to LoveFeast Table, then you may not know the love affair I have with homemade pie. I LOVE making pie. My family loves pie. We LOVE eating pie, and sharing pie. Even poets have recognized the power of pie. "Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness." ~Jane Austen Making a flaky pie crust is … [Read more...]