Moss Mojitos Recipe

Kristin and I think that setting the tone of a good party starts with a warm greeting and a signature cocktail.  Recently, we hosted a blogger networking event in Minneapolis, BlogLove "Refresh & Renew".  We want everyone who attends our events, whether they are newbie bloggers, curious friends, or accomplished veterans to feel welcome.  And quite frankly, sometimes that happens a little bit more easily with drink in hand. At our recent event, I greeted guests at the door, took their coats and pointed them towards … [Read more...]

Farm Fresh Baby Radish Appetizer

We were having life long friends over for dinner and it's been a while. These friends have known Chris Ann and I for over 18 years. They have been through the storms and triumphs of life with us and our families. They are the kind of friends that even though you only see each other once or twice a year, pick up right where you left off. They are the kind of friends we know, know matter where we are in life, if we needed them, they'd come running. To be honest, Devon and I needed them. We've been wrestling over some possible big … [Read more...]

Winter Whiteout Cupcakes for a Wedding

The table was set. The candles lit.  But what to serve for a simple, wedding in my home? I wanted to honor the bride's request to "not make it a big deal". But, if my home was decorated with winter whites, what would be so wrong with adding a little dessert treat that wore the same color? I'm a chocolate lover and was never a big fan of white cake until I made Whiteout Cake from Baked's cookbook Baked: New Frontiers in Baking. There is nothing boring or nondescript about this cake! I made the recipe for the cake but decided … [Read more...]

FEAST Best Of 2012

In FEAST you will find inspiration for parties, tablescaping, baking and creating a atmosphere for entertaining.   Below is a recap of some of our favorite posts from FEAST. Image above from Lime Wafer Recipe. More delicious cookie recipes and stories to go with them can be found at our LoveFeast Table Cookie Exchange. Holiday Breakfast Buffet Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies Perfected Vintage Americana BBQ For Graduation Party Inspiration For Grilling & Entertaining Grilled Lime & Cilantro … [Read more...]

St. Lucia Day Cookies

Our next guest, Kristin Schell, shares a similar passion...gathering people at her table. In fact, she comes from a rich heritage of gathering folks starting with her husband's grandfather who ran The Schell Cafe in the early 1900's. We would've loved to meet him. He seems like our kinda guy. Following in tradition, Kristin has baked up a delicious cookie and is sharing it with you, our guests, today at LoveFeast Table. Tradition. Family. Food. All key ingredients this time of year as we celebrate the holidays. The word … [Read more...]

Chocolate Double Delights

"I always want to dream." (Kacia from Kacia+Robot)  That pretty much sums up our next guest's outlook on life. She's a dreamer, a creative, a nurturer of the soul. She knits, she loves big and She Reads Truth. She also bakes! So, we invited her to join our 3rd Annual Cookie Exchange and we were so excited to receive her positive reply! Please welcome Kacia to the table.  I have an admission to make. I'm not a big sweets person. I'm just more of a salt-snack girl. But. Yes, there is a but... I will always make cookies … [Read more...]

Gingersnaps with Crystallized Ginger

Some friends, we live vicariously through. Our next guest, Amy from Poor Girl Gourmet, is one such person. Oh what we wouldn't give to follow her around her garden and help feed her pigs. We'd love to sit at a table and talk to her about her cookbook, gleaning her tips for low budget gourmet meals, especially if that table was in Montepulciano, Italy where her and her husband host culinary tours. Yup, we want to be her! Please welcome Amy... When it comes to holiday baking, I’m more cake-baker and bread maker than cookie … [Read more...]

Traditional Christmas Cookies

Our next guest is one of the most joyful bloggers we know. Her blog, her writing, her life, exudes and spills over with pure, unadulterated joy. We hope to meet her in person one day. We just know she's the kind of person everyone needs in their life. She moved from the south and now lives life to the fullest on her island. She has two very important men in her life, her husband and her Doogan. She loves to wear flip flops year round, is enamored with the color pink and (even on her About Me page) is in love with sugar cookies … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Citrus Sugar Cookies

Sabrina, from The Tomato Tart, is one super generous gal. She spends her life loving her friends, living life with her husband, creating, exploring and embracing the world around her! She is one of the first to jump in and put her talents and passions to use to bring awareness to the needs around her. In March 2011, she motivated others to raise over $8,ooo for those who were devastated in Japan through an online Bake Sale. We love having her at our table today. My dad was a cookie guy.  If I close my eyes, I can see him … [Read more...]

Hermit Bars with Brown Sugar Icing and Candied Ginger

Kristin met Laura from LBs Good Spoon, at the Big Summer Potluck this past summer. She immediately hit it off! Laura and her little guy, Anderson and her husband, Benjamin were in tow and well, there was nothing about this family not to love! Laura's recipes are delicious and her site is total eye candy. And if you're looking for a good love story, Laura and Benjamin's starts HERE. We're so happy to introduce to you our friend, Laura. When it comes to cookies I chose spice over sugar every time. It's no wonder then that I … [Read more...]