Big Summer Potluck~Take Away

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Big Summer Potluck hosted by Pam and Maggy of Three Many Cooks and Ericka from Ivory Hut. The first year the Big Summer Potluck happened, Chris Ann and I had already booked our tickets to BlogHer. We debated on leaving NYC for the day, but were a little overwhelmed with making those extra travel plans. Within days, we heard the buzz about the Big Summer Potluck and knew we'd missed something special. Then last year, tickets sold out before we could get them. This year, however, we tried on day … [Read more...]

Big Summer Potluck 2012 Ticket Giveaway

You read that right! We are giving away a ticket* to the Big Summer Potluck 2012! What's the catch? There is none...really!     We know the Big Summer Potluck is this coming Friday through Sunday...we know it's right around the corner.  Chris Ann's schedule kinda got a bit crazy, you know with 4 kids and all, and she won't be able to make it. I'd love for one of you to go with me.   The Big Summer Potluck 2012 is at Silver Buttons Farm in Carversville, Pennsylvania. The event kicks off on … [Read more...]

Table Talk ~ Giveaway Winners ~ & More

What an amazing journey reading all the posts prompted by the 365 Gathered Thoughts box!!  We asked our amazing hostesses to share packs of quotes from the 365 Gathered Thoughts box found in our LoveFeast Shop, with other bloggers as a writing prompt.  Then, on March 19th ~64 bloggers all linked their posts in a Gathered Thoughts Link Party.  The outcome was a wonderful gathering of inspired posts! First, thank you to all the hostesses!  You made this party rock!  We are so thankful for each blogger digging down and creating … [Read more...]

LIVE CHAT ~ Conversation Topic ~ Community

We have been so blown away by the 50+, now 60+ amazing posts written at our Gathered Thoughts Link Party.  The posts were each prompted by a "gathered thought" card from the 365 Gathered Thoughts box found in our LoveFeast Shop.  We  love the inspiration found in each post and the moments of conversation shared. It's not too late to join the party!  You are welcomed to link up your post, join the conversation and be entered to win your own Gathered Thoughts box!  Grab a "gathered thought" card here or in flicker and link up … [Read more...]

365 Gathered Thoughts ~ In A Box

We are getting excited about our Gathered Thoughts Link Up Party next Monday, March 19th! We just introduced this 365 Day Gathered Thoughts box to LoveFeast Shop. When we saw this box, right away we knew we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it! Being bloggers, we immediately thought each quote would be a great writing prompt. The 365 Day Gathered Thought Box comes in black or white and contains, you guessed it, 365 thoughts or quotes, on handcrafted paper. We wanted to share a few of them with you. Our hostesses … [Read more...]

LIVE Chat Tonight~Topic: Pinterest

We are having a blast over at The International Delight BlogFrog Community. Everyday there are interesting conversations going on and fun new people to meet. We are excited that tonight we will be having a LIVE Chat at 9pm eastern on the topic of Creative Pinterest Uses. We would love for you to join us! If you've never engaged in a LIVE Chat before, it's super easy. 1. At 9pm eastern, come back HERE, to this post. 2. If you don't have a BlogFrog account, that is okay, you can log in with your Facebook account. 3. You will … [Read more...]

Blissdom Mountaintop

I always find when I come back from a conference, like Blissdom, or a retreat...or even a trip, it's like coming down from the mountaintop.  Up there, the air is fresher and it's easier to breathe. Up there, your perspective is clearer and you can see miles away. You get a glimpse of a blissful future and because you're up high, sometimes a road map on how to get there, begins to unfold.  It's a bit dreamy and romantic.  Up there, the voices in the valley are quieter and you are left alone with your thoughts. You get in touch … [Read more...]

Gathered Thoughts Link Party

We have a fun and inspiring writing prompt project coming up! It's the Gathered Thoughts Link Party.  You see, we have been hunting high and low for unique products to add to the LoveFeast Shop.  When we choose items, this may sound corney, but it has to speak to us. It has to reverberate in our souls and say, "I belong in your home."  People have asked us just how we choose products and we wish we had a wise, studied and researched market analysis type answer.  But, we don't.  When we see it, we just know.  The 365 Gathered … [Read more...]

Welcome To Our Table

The LoveFeast girls are down to Nashville, Tennessee for a blogging conference called Blissdom.  We are writing this post as a bit of an intro as to who we are and what LoveFeast is all about.  Maybe you've joined us at our table before or maybe you are a new Blissdom friend stopping by to check us out for the first time!  Either way we're glad you're here to find out a little more about what's happening around our table. We are 2 friends.  Kristin is from Baltimore, Maryland and Chris Ann is from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We … [Read more...]

What We’ve Been Up To ~ 2012 Bucket List

Hey ~ LoveFeast friends!  We've been so busy traveling, planning, working and getting ready for 2012!  We have so much that we want to share with you from behind the scenes! I started this post last night and Kristin put in her edits in blue this morning! ~ and no, I so didn't mind!  So here is a sneak peak at what has been happening in the "underbelly" as we like to say ~ in our two voices. ***** See the picture above?  That's us 2 weeks ago at the Atlanta Gift Market.  We took that pic (along with like 10 others trying to … [Read more...]