Vote! Vote!

The Mobbies is a fun competition going on in the Maryland blogging world right now.  It is an annual competition for "best of" blogs in Maryland.  We've been nominated in three categories: The Best Food Blog, The Best Lifestyle Blog and The Best Looking (design) Blog.  The voting is going on right now through November 10 at 5p.m.  You can cast a vote each day in each category.  Would you mind taking the time today to cast a vote...and tomorrow...and the day after that...and...yes, we're a bit competitive!  We'll try an not … [Read more...]

Perception is Reality

My dad picked up a saying after his many years of working in marketing, "Perception is reality." I've been marinating on this adage all week. Just the other night, my 14 year old and I were standing in line at the pharmacy. An older woman fell into line behind us and said, " two, brother and sister?" I don't have to tell you how that made my day. My son knew immediately he'd never hear the end of that. Was it what I was wearing? My lack of makeup? My smile? Was it who I was standing next to, that put me in a "younger" … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Experiences Life

"The best way to gain great writing  content  is to experience life."  We think we heard this at one of the blogging conferences we have attended. It was one of those statements that hit home for us, because we are firm believers in taking a bite out of life. We love to get our hands dirty in the mud while gardening, spotted with paint while re-purposing furniture, pile our dishes in the sink so we can continue to sit and share conversations with our dinner guests (and not get to them till morning) and take chances even at the … [Read more...]


The first time I met Maggie, AKA Gussy, was last year at one of our BlogLove Events.  I didn't get a chance to talk to her very long, but later in the year, at a conference, we had one of those heart to hearts that left us knowing we had become friends.  Maggie is full of LIFE and creativity and witnessing how she has taken that and turned it into a successful business, is nothing short of inspiring.  LIFE here at our table is about the real LIFE experience...the tangible...the things that happen away from the computer. To … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Table Reveal

  We are so excited to finally pull back the curtain and reveal to you our new look.  If you know the two of us, you know that every photo, widget, tag and hanging string (this was recreated three times) had to pass the "does this inspire us" evaluation.  You see, this is the part we love...making things beautiful.  This is the part of our journey we relish, soak in and thrive on.  That's not to say there weren't a few bumps in the road and the travel time took a little longer.  But, we have enjoyed every turn and … [Read more...]

The Journey Is Part Of The Destination

When we first started this journey 2 1/2 years ago we barely knew where we were going or what we wanted to do.  We started off trying to learn the craft of blogging, dreaming of stories we wanted to share of times we had gathered together around the table.  We had lots of creative ideas, enthusiasm and ambition.  And, we were learning along the way.  Sometimes we started without all the pieces in place, our excitement for all we dreamed ahead of us, leading us on.  And things, it turns out ~ turned out just right. The … [Read more...]

Mud Puddle Friends

You know how some days your mind wanders back to what use to be?  Some days I find myself, as I know Chris Ann often does, thinking back to the days we were in the same neighborhood, in the same city.  We sometimes wonder how our friendship became so strong and precious.  We have traveled the world together, to places like Italy and Mexico.  We have shared gourmet meals and attended inspiring events together.  But, I think our friendship became what it is today because we have stood in life's mud puddles together. You see, … [Read more...]

Oie Jewelry ~ Artist In Her Studio

Some of the things Kristin and I love, are pretty things with creative potential. These are the type of bits and baubles that make us smile.           And, these are the kinds of things I found at Liz Oie's studio where she was busy putting the finishing touches on Ree's necklace.  There were all sorts of feathers, stones, gems, and antique pieces ready to be chosen, woven into chain or wire, re-purposed for adornment with someone else's pleasure and happiness in … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Setting A Vintage Inspired Easter Table

Easter is a wonderful celebration.  We always look forward to a relaxed day of gathering for a lovely meal around the table, Easter egg hunts and family time.  This year, I feel ahead of the game.  My Easter table has been set for a couple of days.  Once I set it to prepare for this post, I thought, why not leave it up? Spring has not completely sprung here in Minnesota, in fact, we had snow just earlier in the week.  I didn't want my table to be overly flowery or springy.  It wouldn't fit in with the not yet green … [Read more...]

What I Wore Wednesday From Houndstooth Boutique

Today I went over to Houndstooth Boutique the location for our next BlogLove™ event, "Spark & Style".  I needed to go over last minute details with Amber (the owner of Houndstooth) and of course check out the fashion.  Later I realized that this would be the perfect time to link up with an a popular blog party called What I Wore Wednesday over a Lindsey's blog The Pleated Poppy.  Hi Lindsey!  These are some of the looks I tried on today at Houndstooth.  (Sorry the pics are out of focus a tad, Amber was not acquainted with my … [Read more...]