Fancy Friday ~ Creating Community

Fancy Friday is a day where we share the ideas, art, moments and anything that strikes our fancy and inspires us!  As we have been reflecting on this year, we keep coming back to you...our guests, who daily,  pull a chair up to our Table. We wish our blog had the ability to be more interactive,  (we are working on this behind the scenes...more to come!) but, until then, we want to dedicate this Fancy Friday to you!! We want to hear about you and get to know you better! In the spirit of Fancy Friday would you answer or … [Read more...]

Minneapolis BlogLove Aveda Event

The Aveda team from Southdale Mall, Edina, MN had such a great time at BlogLove "European Marketplace" that they are hosting, along with us, a "limited space" event this coming Sunday, November 7th.  We have some available spaces for any Twin Cities blogger that would like to join us that evening!! The BlogLove "Moment of Wellness" mini spa evening will include:  time to network with other Twin Cities bloggers, spa-ing stations such as hand and chair massage and hair styling and skin care consultations that include make-up … [Read more...]

Minnesota Blogger Conference

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to gather with a group of 140 bloggers for a one day Minnesota Blogger Conference.   It was held at the funky and modern location of, CoCo Co-working and Collaborative Space in St. Paul, MN, who opened their doors to host this event. One of things that I am discovering about blogging events, meet-ups and conferences is the experience of gathering together IRL (In Real Life) with other bloggers.  When Kristin and I first launched off in this blogging world we didn't even know what we … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday #BlogLove™

Last Night we hosted our first BlogLove™ Event! In honor of that, today, we want to feature some of the blogs that we love...that inspire us...that are total eye candy...or just plain make us happy! The necklace above was made by The Vintage Pearl for our BlogLove event! Erin's blog is taking a turn as she  embarks on an exciting, new adventure... Desperately Seeking Silence is a momma who has a great view of the world and we're happy she's back and preggers! Here's a great "habit" to get into!  We love … [Read more...]

What’s Your BlogLove™?

Something Kristin and I started a while back was something we like to call Fancy Friday.  It's a chance to share at our table things that inspires us, things that are beautiful, colorful, soulful, and artistic...things that we like to call "fancy".  You can click on some of of our Fancy Friday's here. Fancy Friday is also a "Blog Party", which means if you are a blogger you can link up your "fancy" post with a linky button.   Fancy Friday gives our readers a chance to find some other blogs to love. There's lot of cool blogs … [Read more...]

How To Make An Aebleskiver

What are they?  They're Aebleskivers.  And, they want to be served at your next gathering! This is my Aebleskiver.  It's not as perfect as the winning Aebleskiver.  But let me tell you it was a tummy full of "pop-cake" love!!  You see a Aebleskiver is a cross between a popover and and a pancake!  Traditionally, this Danish treat is filled with an apple slice.  We made both savory and sweet versions at the Minnesota Blog Pantry Blogging Event I attended at Local D'Lish. The Mac Daddy of Aebleskivers, Chad Gillard aka … [Read more...]

I Heart Faces Photo Walk ~ Minnesota

"There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer." ~Ansel Adams This was one of my favorite photographs from the I Heart Faces Photo Walk Across America that I participated in last Saturday.  Although its not of a's a little about a walk...or maybe perhaps, a journey.  It's a theme I write about off and on.  I like the idea and the experience of paths in general.  It's a little peak about the excitement of the future.  It's when you start walking and you wander a bit, but you still … [Read more...]

From Dryer Lint to Dreams

We were on the phone again tonight... one of us Twittering and Facebook-ing, one of us loading dishes in the dishwasher and waiting for a teenager to get off the computer.   And, we are both reeling with giddiness!  Why you ask?  Well, one year and a half ago, two friends (and their husbands - whether they liked it or not!), set out to find an adventure!  We weren't really sure where it would lead or how we would do it.   In fact, we didn't always feel very - clever.   One of us didn't even know how to cut and paste, yet, let … [Read more...]

Lingering Before Returning

Today is the end of an era.  Today, I sent my little-est flower into the world of all day kindergarten. To bloom and grow... So, for the first time in fifteen years I am going to have something I haven't had in a while - time.  Now, that the kids will be back in school, we will again be able to focus on our business here at LoveFeast Table.   Kristin and I discussed this in detail this past summer...during one of our high powered meetings. Of course, we will still have our hands full with chauffeuring, … [Read more...]

Shrimp and Pasta To Curb Your Chaos

As I have said before, I can be a cooking challenged food blogger, known for being desperate for dinner and “Avoiding Supper”. I have been even know to chuck meat. It seems if I get one part done, the shopping, or the menu planning, I can’t get the other part done, the cooking.Time, you see, is not on my side.I have four kids, and a full time van chauffeuring job that keeps me driving from 9am-4pm with an hour and a half window to plan, shop, cook, and eat.  It’s not that I don’t try.To ease my load a CSA from Jackson Hollow … [Read more...]