No Coffee Blues And Blogging

Ok, so the morning starts like this.  I wake up and the bus will be here in like 15 minutes and none of the tweens, hidden under their covers have breathed a breath of fresh air yet.  I go down stairs in my plum colored cashmere robe, that I got for a steal let me tell you, and is suppose to make me feel glamorous in the morning and is not, and began to make my coffee.  I fill the pot at the tiny stream from my fridge, because I am convinced that my city water is trying to kill me.  This tiny stream irritates me every morning.  … [Read more...]

Bigtime Blogging, Believing the Dream!

Well, it just might be time for some P.R. (Personal Relishing).  Somehow, in our short time in the blogosphere we have made it to the top.  In fact, we have made it on Alltop!!  See our new bad selves with our funky Alltop button?  See where this blogging journey is taking us?  We're going to rub shoulders with the best!!  Bloggers like Smitten Kitchen, Orangette,  Whipped, and Coconut & Lime.  Bloggers we admire, follow, look up to!  Bloggers, we have even stalked (we're sorry Amateur dude, we're not psychotic, we're … [Read more...]

Open Letter to the Amateur Gourmet

Dear Amateur Gourmet, We admit it.  We've been stalking, lurking after you on the web.  We see your blog rolls, your recipes, your friends, your pictures, your challenges.  You see, we have been in our homes a little too long... cabin fever takes it's toll.  We've been wiping noses, vacuuming too much, planting herbs, gardening, washing dishes, and doing laundry.  We don't get out much.  We don't get to New York enough.  You see, it's been years, really.  We needed adventure.  We needed some spice!  To see art, no, to make … [Read more...]