BlogLove™~Spark & Style Minneapolis

BlogLove™~Spark & Style, in Minneapolis, is taking shape and form.  We have to share a little secret, we love planning BlogLove™ Events.  They are kinda like our blank canvas that takes a three dimensional, vibrant, organic and evolving form.  We find a venue that sparks our interest.  For this coming event, a visit to Houndstooth Boutique last August and a few conversations with owner Amber, got our wheels turning.  Her space is visually inspiring.  The clothes she offers are right up our alley...comfortable, current and … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ “Takes Flight” Blogger Event ~ Underbelly Recap

What happens in the alley stays in the alley.  But I'll let you in on a little secret.  This is just how I like to escape from my average snow bound Minnesota days.  It's perfectly normal for your average suburban mom of 4 to jet across the United States to visit dangerous alleys in Baltimore.  Isn't it? This is a glimpse behind the scenes at our last BlogLove™ "Takes Flight" event in Baltimore. BlogLove™, is a networking event for bloggers that we host.  It also gets Kristin and I jetting back and forth between our two … [Read more...]

BlogLove™, Blissdom, London Or Bust!

Where we've been lately~We've been on the road and traveling quite a bit this past month.  First I went to Mexico with my husband on a business trip.  We got a chance to visit and hand out books at the same Children's Home and Community Center that we got to visit in October when we went on a LoveFeast Vacay at Azul Sensatori.  Then, I had just a quick turn around before I hopped on a plane for BlogLove™ "Takes Flight" in Baltimore, Maryland.  Kristin and I had a great time meeting lots of bloggers from the Baltimore … [Read more...]

Bloggers, Brands And Business

The more we delve into this blogging world.  The more we learn about the people behind the computer screens.  Many build successful businesses around their popular blogs.  They have a voice.  They have readers.  They have influence.  They promote themselves, their interests, things they care about and brands.  They create.  They create products.  They create interest.  They create buzz. They have a way of getting up close and personal with products and brands and other people. Many have excellent ideas of how to promote … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ “Takes Flight” Baltimore Recap

We are so glad to have so many bloggers come out and join us for BlogLove™ "Takes Flight".  This is our 4th BlogLove™ event.  BlogLove™ events are blogger networking events hosted by LoveFeast Table that are meant to be experiential and inspiring.  Our first event was launch in Baltimore at Zeke's Coffee & Roastery.   We have had two events in Minnesota, BlogLove™ "European Market Place" and BlogLove™ Aveda.  This event was held at the In-Flight Theater in Baltimore. Mara Neimanis (pictured below) of the In-Flight … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Swag

Here's a little taste of  BlogLove "Takes Flight" tonight!! Joe Squared is cooking up delicious pizza, including their mushroom lovers.  Oh, and a few flavors of their creamy risotto.  Aren't you hungry? Yummy cupcakes for dessert from the sparkly case at the Golden West Cafe. Swag bags were stuffed and wrapped by Red Tree.  Did you know their name is about to change to Trohv when they open their new store in Tacoma Park. Our Daily Chocolate gifted these jewel toned beauties to each of our … [Read more...]

LoveFeast “Takes Flight” Bags & GiveAway

Over the past week I've gotten a lot of IRL (In Real Life) time with some of my blogging friends.  One of the things I like about blogging is the community it builds as well as the friendships it launches. Meeting for coffee or lunch is a welcome break from solo time behind the computer.  Sometimes you just have to reach out and do lunch IRL style.  And, I have been doing just that lately. (Anna from Motherly Law, Jennifer ~ Grow With Graces, Kate ~ Kate In The Kitchen, Elle ~ All Things Bright & Beautiful, … [Read more...]

BlogLove “Takes Flight” Postponed

We have decided to postpone BlogLove "Takes Flight" and reschedule for January 22, 2011 from 7-9 pm.  The event will still take place at In Flight Theater and Joe Squared will still be serving us delicious pizza and risotto! We had such incredible stories and experiences planned for the evening and we began to realize this weekend is difficult for so many because Thanksgiving is a few days later.  We didn't want anyone to miss out!! So, please, mark your calendars...spread the word...and reserve  your ticket!!  Tickets will … [Read more...]

BlogLove “Takes Flight” in Baltimore

Chris Ann just had a wonderful night with the Minneapolis bloggers at Aveda! They were pampered, swapped stories and got to know each other. Chris Ann and I started BlogLove~Blogger Networking Events as a way to connect with the other bloggers in our cities!  When I went to Minneapolis this past August, Chris Ann had gathered her network and I was able to meet these amazing women in real life and make new friends!  Chris Ann will be flying out to Baltimore for BlogLove Baltimore.  She's looking forward to meeting my … [Read more...]

BlogLove Aveda Minneapolis

An amazing and talented group of Twin Cities women bloggers gathered for the second BlogLove event in the Twin Cities area.  There were some familiar faces from our first BlogLove event this past August and some new faces as well. This event was a relaxing intimate event sponsored by the Aveda store in the Southdale Mall in Edina, Minnesota.  As bloggers arrived they enjoyed some Aveda tea and got a chance to meet. (Anna:  Girl With Blog, Molly:  Snyder Family 5, Ria:  Ria's Collection, Kristin:  High Heels And A … [Read more...]