365 Gathered Thoughts ~ In A Box

We are getting excited about our Gathered Thoughts Link Up Party next Monday, March 19th! We just introduced this 365 Day Gathered Thoughts box to LoveFeast Shop. When we saw this box, right away we knew we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it! Being bloggers, we immediately thought each quote would be a great writing prompt. The 365 Day Gathered Thought Box comes in black or white and contains, you guessed it, 365 thoughts or quotes, on handcrafted paper. We wanted to share a few of them with you. Our hostesses … [Read more...]

LIVE Chat Tonight~Topic: Pinterest

We are having a blast over at The International Delight BlogFrog Community. Everyday there are interesting conversations going on and fun new people to meet. We are excited that tonight we will be having a LIVE Chat at 9pm eastern on the topic of Creative Pinterest Uses. We would love for you to join us! If you've never engaged in a LIVE Chat before, it's super easy. 1. At 9pm eastern, come back HERE, to this post. 2. If you don't have a BlogFrog account, that is okay, you can log in with your Facebook account. 3. You will … [Read more...]

Gathered Thoughts Link Party

We have a fun and inspiring writing prompt project coming up! It's the Gathered Thoughts Link Party.  You see, we have been hunting high and low for unique products to add to the LoveFeast Shop.  When we choose items, this may sound corney, but it has to speak to us. It has to reverberate in our souls and say, "I belong in your home."  People have asked us just how we choose products and we wish we had a wise, studied and researched market analysis type answer.  But, we don't.  When we see it, we just know.  The 365 Gathered … [Read more...]

Welcome To Our Table

The LoveFeast girls are down to Nashville, Tennessee for a blogging conference called Blissdom.  We are writing this post as a bit of an intro as to who we are and what LoveFeast is all about.  Maybe you've joined us at our table before or maybe you are a new Blissdom friend stopping by to check us out for the first time!  Either way we're glad you're here to find out a little more about what's happening around our table. We are 2 friends.  Kristin is from Baltimore, Maryland and Chris Ann is from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We … [Read more...]

Interview With Author Dani Pettrey

Soon after I met Dani Pettrey, I was in a room full of women and she announced that she had just received a 3 book deal with Bethany House Publishers. I was thrilled for her.  That was a year ago and I've gotten to know Dani pretty well since that time.  I have to say, I am even more thrilled for her! There is something so inspiring about knowing someone who had a dream, worked hard and persistently to see it become a reality. Dani is an amazing woman who juggles her life as a homeschool mom, caretaker to her own mom, author, … [Read more...]

Being a Guest in My Own Home

Last week, we had our friends Mike and Terrill stay with us as our guests.  We got ready for them by cleaning their "suite" and primping small gifts.  We wanted them to feel comfortable and welcomed.  Even though they were here for work, we wanted them to feel like they could be here on their off hours and relax.  Unfortunately, we had a weekend that was off the hook for us personally.  I would love to go into detail and share with you all, but honestly I'm so emotionally spent from it all, I don't want to expend any more energy … [Read more...]

Preparing for Overnight Guests

For years, my husband and I have told people, we'd like to have a bed and breakfast or something like that, when we retire. We love having overnight guests in our home.  Usually we host people we know, like our good friends Mike and Terrill who are coming today for a long weekend.  Sometimes we have hosted people we've never met.  I know some of you may be freaking out a little here...wondering how we could possibly entertain folks in our home we've never met, but I have to tell you, these unexpected visitors have all become … [Read more...]

Table Guest ~ Laura Tremaine ~ Hollywood Housewife

It's not uncommon for blogger friendships to start online.  We first met Laura Tremain on Twitter.  We became chatty - familiar.  Then, while scouting outfits for a Blissdom (blogging conference) fashion post, Chris Ann game across "the dress" - only to realize, it was being worn by none other than Laura, their LoveFeast Twitter friend.  A half a year later, the LoveFeast girls met up with Laura at BlogHer in NYC, to find that the launch of online friendships blossom IRL (in real life).  We will always remember the London and … [Read more...]


The first time I met Maggie, AKA Gussy, was last year at one of our BlogLove Events.  I didn't get a chance to talk to her very long, but later in the year, at a conference, we had one of those heart to hearts that left us knowing we had become friends.  Maggie is full of LIFE and creativity and witnessing how she has taken that and turned it into a successful business, is nothing short of inspiring.  LIFE here at our table is about the real LIFE experience...the tangible...the things that happen away from the computer. To … [Read more...]


There is nothing like the buzz around the table when the food gets set, the guests sit down and the conversation begins. Today's guest is Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer.  She believes hospitality is not something that is hard or mysterious, but an act, even with the simplest of gestures, that can make someone feel at home.  She is introducing you to our TABLE a place for conversation to happen and stories to be exchanged. We hope you're getting comfortable here.  We want you to feel at home. Kick off your shoes and join in the … [Read more...]