FEAST is all about food...meals, menus, recipe, reviews and memories around the table.  Pull up a chair, we want to introduce you to today's guest, Jamie of Life's a Feast.  Jamie is one of our long time blogger friends.  We discovered each other quickly on twitter.  She was our FEAST sister across the pond.  We knew when we were planning this week that she was the perfect person to introduce you to FEAST here at LoveFeast.  She is an amazing storyteller and the way she weaves the recipe with the memory, captures all who read. … [Read more...]


We are so excited to introduce to you our first guest blogger this week, Erin from House of Turquoise.  Erin inspires us daily on her many decorating blogs. We LOVE to go there for inspiration and daily eye candy.  She is introducing to you our first category, LOVE.  If you notice, we have created four categories that all of our posts will live under.  LOVE is the category that is total inspiration...art, design, decor, bits & baubles, fashion...you get the idea.  As we prepared for Erin to come, we got inspired to create … [Read more...]

Over at Creative Kristi

Today we have pulled up a chair at Creative Kristi's Table.  We met Kristi at the GE Momsperience Event a couple of months ago.  She was so sweet and meeting her left quite an impression. She has been hosting a 30 days to better blogging series, called Spread Bloggy Love.  Every day she has a new blogger share the tips they have learned along the way.  Today, we shared about creating community and how our friend Gussy has been part of our journey.  Please take a moment to stop by HERE and say hi! … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Table’s New Look

Some of you know, we have been in an 8 month process of redefining our look for LoveFeast Table.  You see, when we started blogging 2 1/2 years ago, we thought we were going to write a cookbook.  That's what started us on this blogging journey.  We had shared so many amazing meals around the table (over the 14 years we had been friends along with our growing families), we thought we wanted to document them.  We wanted to share not only the original recipes, but also capture the conversations that took place as well as the … [Read more...]

Our About Us Page

Being in the midst of a redesign, we are having to think over each page again.  The one we are focused on now is our About Us page.  We wish we could write a book, or vlog a documentary in order for you to know who we are...for reals.  The challenge is, we have to give you a glimpse of our personalities, our passions and a bit of our history in a few short paragraphs.  There are bits of our lives that seem interesting to us, but then again, Chris Ann and I have one of those friendships that fills in the gaps without words, so we … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Creating Community

Fancy Friday is a day where we share the ideas, art, moments and anything that strikes our fancy and inspires us!  As we have been reflecting on this year, we keep coming back to you...our guests, who daily,  pull a chair up to our Table. We wish our blog had the ability to be more interactive,  (we are working on this behind the scenes...more to come!) but, until then, we want to dedicate this Fancy Friday to you!! We want to hear about you and get to know you better! In the spirit of Fancy Friday would you answer or … [Read more...]

BlogLove European Marketplace Guests

We had an amazing time this past Tuesday night!  We were so excited to meet so many local bloggers we had never met before!  We are working on a recap post for tomorrow, but for now, we wanted to share a list of all of those that attended!  So, for those of you who attended, get your posts ready to link up here tomorrow for FancyFriday BlogLove and for those of you who weren't able to attend, we hope you enjoy reading all about it!  We hope you are inspired just by the stories! At the Table, Chris Ann and Kristin Erin … [Read more...]

The Cove

Sometimes you just want to eat a burger. Eating a burger at The Cove, is like eating at your older brother’s apartment; your older brother that was into records, fishing, hunting, and skateboarding. The Cove has a relaxed hang-out type vibe where you can be comfortable, kickback, and hang with some friends. That is what “Good Vibe Ambassadors” and brothers, Bruce and Brock Larson, are trying to do with their burger joint. The menu is simple and inexpensive pub food. The hamburgers and hot dogs are served in basket with good … [Read more...]

Baked-Up From Baked

My sister-n-law, Kim, who I think will forgive me for sneaking a look into the cookbook Baked: New Frontiers in Baking, that gave I her as a gift, has read the cookbook cover to cover.  She also has agreed to submit to a lie detector test has agreed to an interview.  Kim is in the beginning stages of launching her own baking company.  Let's see where she gets her inspiration! What is your favorite food memory? Um, learning to make chocolate chip cookies in 4-H.  We had to measure all the ingredients into butter dishes.  That … [Read more...]