New York City Weekend

A few weekends ago we went to New York City for the weekend to celebrate with our New York City friends over a beautiful private dinner with a menu created by The Sea Grill just for our party. Our table looked out to the skating rink at Rockefeller Center. While in the city, I walked around the streets feeling the energy and the awe that the city brings me. (Grand Central Station turns 100 this year!) I've been hearing good things about it for quite a while and Eataly lived up to its name! Our lunch on … [Read more...]

Inspiring Kids Through Real Life Experiences

"My name is Kristin, and I'm a homeschool mom." This is a phrase, 15 years ago, I never thought I'd say. Kinda like when I announced to my husband, "I'll never drive a wood-grained paneled mini van." You guessed it! That was the very, next car I drove. I ate my words. Nine years ago, I embarked on a new adventure, the one of a homeschool mom. Our family sold our home, our belongings, packed it up and moved to Hawaii for a few months where we were training to serve abroad. I didn't have a choice but to homeschool. Really, I was … [Read more...]

Simple Moments

There were no fancy cameras. Just the click of a phone. A simple moment, waited on. Breathing in the salty air. Cool breeze with the sun dipping it's head in the ocean for one last swim. Lingering, laughing Leaping Captured with a simple click. All pictures taken with an iPhone and filtered at Instagram. Instagram has been a creative outlet for us to document life as it happens. Join us by signing up HERE then following LoveFeast_Table! … [Read more...]

What We’ve Been Up To ~ 2012 Bucket List

Hey ~ LoveFeast friends!  We've been so busy traveling, planning, working and getting ready for 2012!  We have so much that we want to share with you from behind the scenes! I started this post last night and Kristin put in her edits in blue this morning! ~ and no, I so didn't mind!  So here is a sneak peak at what has been happening in the "underbelly" as we like to say ~ in our two voices. ***** See the picture above?  That's us 2 weeks ago at the Atlanta Gift Market.  We took that pic (along with like 10 others trying to … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Fall Field Trip

Fall is the perfect time of year to schedule day trips with your family.  I sit down at the beginning of the school year and map out a trip every few weeks that I think will interest my kids of all ages.  After all, I have two teenagers, a middle schooler, a 5th grader and a 4 year old.  This year we have already packed in a few day trips.  I homeschool my younger three and we are studying early American history, so I planned a few trips to kick off the school year with real life learning.  The first was to a historic Quaker … [Read more...]

Maple Sugar Farm & Fun

We found our pumpkins at  Glenna Farms, Country Store & Sugarhouse.  Our family and friends enjoyed a fun afternoon here with a picnic, campfire, and horse rides to the pumpkin patch thanks to the hospitality of the owners, Rick & Kristine Glenna.  It was a great little day trip! … [Read more...]