GE Momsperience 2011 In Louisville

This is where we've been hanging around the last few days.  It's the stables at Churchill Downs where we've been sipping on mint juleps.  Well, not just that, lots of other things too~ We've also been hanging out with red penguins, GE Appliances and other bloggers this past weekend for the first GE Momsperience.  GE Appliances hosted a fabulous weekend for a group of bloggers and their guests.  It was a time to learn more about the brand, share ideas and start a conversation.  We had a creative itinerary full of time to … [Read more...]

21c Museum Hotel ~ GE Momsperience

The LoveFeast girls have found themselves in Louisville, Kentucky.  We're here at the inspiring and modern 21c Museum Hotel.  The hotel is truly a place to get your creativity peaking.  We've had delicious meals at the hotel's restaurant Proof on Main, lively conversation with smart women, fine dining, hat making and interacting with the art that surrounds the spaces.  We've got some stories to tell already. We've friend-ed one of the bartenders who has spilled some restaurant cocktail recipes for LoveFeast ~ perfect timing with … [Read more...]

Nick Malgieri’s Cookbook Bake!

Not too long ago, Devon and I attended a Baltimore food blogger's get together hosted by Dara at Dining Dish, in Julie from Kitchenography's home. The event was held in honor of Nick Malegieri and was an introduction to his new book Bake!. Nick is the former Executive Pastry Chef at Window's on the World.  His credentials and awards speak volumes of his talent and commitment to the art of baking. This event was wonderful, in that it was casual and informal. (My kind of event!) We gathered and … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ Spark & Style

Last Saturday night Kristin and I hosted our 5th BlogLove™ event.  This was our 3rd event in Minnesota.  Our BlogLove™ events bring bloggers, businesses and brands together for what we hope is an inspiring time.  Kristin and I were so happy to have so many guests join us for BlogLove™ Spark & Style! DJ Kane kept the Houndstooth energy popping!! Thanks to our models who worked their own "Spark & Style" walking the room in Houndstooth fashion.  Amber from Houndstooth, dressed the "Spark & Style" blogger … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ “Spark & Style” Event At Houndstooth Boutique ~ Coming Up!

You don't know how excited Kristin and I are for this upcoming BlogLove™ event.  For one thing Kristin gets to fly in and we get to have some fun!  Who says our little plan for more time together IRL (In Real Life) isn't working?!  Yeah, so we had to incorporate, start a business and plan a big party to do it!!  But, that is just what we love to do!! Our latest BlogLove™ "Spark & Style" event was actually planned almost 8 months ago.  Houndstooth had added some gift cards to our BlogLove™ "European Marketplace" swag … [Read more...]

Safe House of Hope Event

For the last year, I have been involved with an organization called Safe House of Hope.  The founder of the organization, Denene is a good friend of mine.  Denene is a mom of 6...soon to be 7 children.  Two of those children she adopted.  She has a super big heart. She started Safe House of Hope because of her passion to see victims of domestic sex trafficking industry, find freedom and healing.  In Baltimore, there are very few services offered for under aged girls who are rescued from sex trafficking.  When a brothel or … [Read more...]

Spalon Montage Minnesota Blog Pantry Event

Just a few weeks ago I had a fun night out with my Minnesota blogging friends.  It was a relaxing evening with the bloggers from the Minnesota Blog Pantry hosted by Spalon Montage in Edina, MN and Elizabeth from the blog, Beauty Bets. We got to see some unique and up to date ways to stay groomed (threading), stylish (super strong Shellac manicures) and relaxed (Thai Yoga Massage). Catching up with Kate ~ Kate In The Kitchen & Stephanie ~ Fresh Tart and other local blogging friends was the highlight of the … [Read more...]

BlogLove™~Spark & Style Minneapolis

BlogLove™~Spark & Style, in Minneapolis, is taking shape and form.  We have to share a little secret, we love planning BlogLove™ Events.  They are kinda like our blank canvas that takes a three dimensional, vibrant, organic and evolving form.  We find a venue that sparks our interest.  For this coming event, a visit to Houndstooth Boutique last August and a few conversations with owner Amber, got our wheels turning.  Her space is visually inspiring.  The clothes she offers are right up our alley...comfortable, current and … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ “Takes Flight” Blogger Event ~ Underbelly Recap

What happens in the alley stays in the alley.  But I'll let you in on a little secret.  This is just how I like to escape from my average snow bound Minnesota days.  It's perfectly normal for your average suburban mom of 4 to jet across the United States to visit dangerous alleys in Baltimore.  Isn't it? This is a glimpse behind the scenes at our last BlogLove™ "Takes Flight" event in Baltimore. BlogLove™, is a networking event for bloggers that we host.  It also gets Kristin and I jetting back and forth between our two … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Blissdom Style

When have you last rocked a glittering vintage pantsuit? The details on this dress were beautiful just like the gal who wore it.  Robin ~ Pensieve, brought glamor to Blissdom 2011. And~The Beverlies...brought hats. Last year at Blissdom I met Laura, via her stylish dress.  This year I walked across the hall to meet the women behind this dress, Liberty ~ 16 Ball In The Air, turns out she co-writes her blog with her bff too.  I was sure glad I was looking for great style and found an opportunity to meet … [Read more...]