Moveable Feast is Dining Out

Just wanted to share with you folks here in Baltimore, tomorrow, Moveable Feast is Dining Out!  Moveable Feast delivers nutritious, healthful foods to home-bound people living with HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, or other life-threatening conditions...and are the ONLY such meal delivery program for People Living With AIDS for the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan area. They also provide numerous services and programs for the home-bound and homeless, including a transportation service and a culinary training … [Read more...]

Minnesota Blogger Conference

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to gather with a group of 140 bloggers for a one day Minnesota Blogger Conference.   It was held at the funky and modern location of, CoCo Co-working and Collaborative Space in St. Paul, MN, who opened their doors to host this event. One of things that I am discovering about blogging events, meet-ups and conferences is the experience of gathering together IRL (In Real Life) with other bloggers.  When Kristin and I first launched off in this blogging world we didn't even know what we … [Read more...]

LoveFeast for 16 Year Old Boys

My oldest son turned 16 this summer, on the 16th...which made it his Golden Birthday!  We call him Drama Boy because he has been acting for years.  I remember when he was 3 and would perform all of Godspell on his top bunk when "no one" was looking. We wanted to do something special, so we suggested a multi course dinner for him and his friends.  Drama Boy has been raised in a foodie home, so he quickly saw the value in this idea! Devon and I planned a surprise menu developed with Asian influence in mind (Drama Boy loves … [Read more...]

Great Grapes in Reston, Virginia

(These guys are the mascots of the festival!) I'm looking forward to this weekend!  My husband and I will be going to the Great Grapes~Wine, Arts and Food Festival in Reston, Virginia this Saturday, September 11.!  In July, Devon and I went to the same festival and had a blast! The food was delicious, especially the Kerrygold cheese and the vendors were great! The wine delicious... (we especially loved this Meritage from Thanksgiving Farms! With our taste testing rounds, we even discovered some new food … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday BlogLove™ Minnesota

Fancy Friday is here!!  And, this Friday we are feeling very fancy about all the bloggers that showed up to the first Minnesota BlogLove™ event!!  BlogLove events are meant to be inspiring and experiential networking events.  In June, LoveFeast hosted a BlogLove in Kristin's stomping ground at Zeke's Coffee Shop in Baltimore, Maryland.  We had a coffee tasting and learned about roasting beans and picked our LoveFeast Brew.  Here in Minnesota the theme was European Market Place and was held at Camille en Rouge in Prior … [Read more...]

BlogLove European Marketplace Guests

We had an amazing time this past Tuesday night!  We were so excited to meet so many local bloggers we had never met before!  We are working on a recap post for tomorrow, but for now, we wanted to share a list of all of those that attended!  So, for those of you who attended, get your posts ready to link up here tomorrow for FancyFriday BlogLove and for those of you who weren't able to attend, we hope you enjoy reading all about it!  We hope you are inspired just by the stories! At the Table, Chris Ann and Kristin Erin … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ Minnesota

One of our favorite parts of throwing a party, is creating atmosphere.  We love to brainstorm a theme, create decor that reflects that theme, develop a menu and of course, come up with inspiring gifts for our guests!  BlogLove Minnesota™ is tonight and this party is no different than any other!!!  When Camille en Rouge offered up her antique store and we knew that delicious croissants were just around the corner at Edelweiss Bakery, a European Marketplace theme was the perfect title for our event! We told Devon the … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ Minnesota Event Filled!

Wow!!  We have had an unbelievable response to our BlogLove™ event in Minnesota!!  We are so excited to meet those of you that are coming!  Many of you have called and tweeted your bloggy friends and now we have new faces joining us as well!  While we hate to turn anyone away...our event is filled to capacity!! We are also very excited to thank our BlogLove partners! Aveda Store, Southdale Mall, Edina, MN Camille en Rouge Prior Lake, MN Kelli Lea ~Sewing ~Prior Lake, MN The Vintage Pearl I Am … [Read more...]

Minnesota Bloggers Gathering ~BlogLove™

Today was a busy day! We sent out our invitation for a Minnesota Bloggers' event.   Kristin was busy at a wine tasting panel at Annapolis' Great Grapes Wine, Art & Food Festival.  I was in the home office pulling together as many emails as I could to send out our evites.  Our invitations for another BlogLove™ event have gone out.  This event is happening in Minnesota!  Kristin and family will be making yet another road-trip to visit our family as well as be here in Minnesota to host the event with me! We held our … [Read more...]

“There’s A Little Zeke In All of Us” (BlogLove™ pt. 2)

The guests arrived at Zeke's to join us at the Table for our first BlogLove™ Event!  First to show was Mary from Sweet Mary's! She had trays of biscotti, crepes and bar cookies!  (She even made an espresso, chocolate brownie that added to the evening buzz!) Then, Elizabeth from Strawberries in Paris and Dara from The Baltimore Examiner, rolled in! Jennifer made a trip from Fredrick because she's Hip As I Wanna Be! Beth from 990 Square and Cara from Land of Bean, came to round out our … [Read more...]