Getting Our Swag On! (Part One of Our First BlogLove™ Event)

Most of you may know, we love to gather people around a table!  Chris Ann and I decided to plan a blogger's networking event called BlogLove™.  We've attended other networking events and met some wonderful people in the process.  Truth be told, we just love to have an excuse to have a party!  We love to design cards and plan a menu.  We like to tablescape and give gifts!  Years before we were bloggers we threw many a party together! We wanted BlogLove Events to be special and unique.  We decided that at every BlogLove, … [Read more...]

Bloggers & Aebleskivers

What a great night out with the Minnesota Blog Pantry gals!!  What could be better than a blogging evening with friends and aebleskivers? The event was organized by Kim Moldofsky, of Hormone Color Days and MomImpact at Local D'Lish in Minneapolis.  The evening was a great blend of socializing, making aebleskivers as well as a donation of money and diapers to Help A Mother Out. Meeting new bloggy friends such as Molly from The Snyder 5 and Jilene, from Be Put Together, as well as catching up with Elissa, from Little Bean … [Read more...]

Momz Share~Simply Leap!

" Simply Leap, is about these shifts. Sometimes it's a huge step into the unknown. Usually, it's altering how you think and your view of what's possible." ~Lauree Ostrofsky (life coach at Simply Leap) Lauree went on to explain to us that sometimes when a person is ready to take a risk, they jump right off the cliff!  But, others need to have subtle shifts in their thinking before even making a small step.  Chris Ann and I quickly shared that we are cliff's in both our first born personalities.  We usually … [Read more...]

Macy’s Flower Show

Last week I had a nice springy day out at the Macy's Flower Show in downtown Minneapolis with my friend, Kristen.  Kristen and I go all the way back to college and she also was my maid of honor.  We occasionally get together for lunch and shopping.  Every year the Macy's 8th floor get's decorated to the brim with flowers for the spring show.  Kristen has gone many years.  But, this was my first. (There are flower shows in several other cities as well. The 8th floor was flower sensory over load. Mixing in some ferns like … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday – Inspiration All Around

Fancy Friday has come again!!  There is a lot that has been inspiring!  February and March were jam packed with tons of inspiration for us at LoveFeast Table. I attended Blissdom and was inspired by Kevin Carrol's keynote on finding your "red rubber ball".... that which gives you passion and makes your work feel like play. Meeting other bloggers that you have befriended online is inspiring. I got to meet Sandy of The Reluctant Entertainer at Blissdom.   She has a blog about hospitality and sharing … [Read more...]

Bloggy Bootcamp in Baltimore

This past weekend, a few sistahs, rolled into my hood!  Honestly, I didn't even see them coming!  But, these sistahs look out for one another and I happened to have met one of them through my toddler's play group.  Cara from Land of Bean, who happened to take home #1 for best family blog in the Mobbie's Awards last year, (just tootin' her horn for her!) was kind enough to let me know about the Bloggy Bootcamp coming to Baltimore!  Bloggy Bootcamp was hosted by one of the SITSgirls!  And can I just pause and say here, that … [Read more...]

My Blissdom Top Ten List

I have already been to Blissdom!!  At least I have in my mind.  I've been thinking about it all week.  I've even had time to sit in a coffee shop and carefully read the welcome packet!!  (Note:  This is what a professional mom disguised as a professional blogger looks like in case you don't know...deep in thought, typing in a coffee shop, phone close at hand for all the important calls from advertisers. ;)  Everyone in my family is taken care of - their laundry is done, the fridge is stocked, there is a schedule prepared and my … [Read more...]

Taste of MckMama’s Mudd Lake Gathering

Friday night I went with two friends on a road trip to meet up with a gathering of gals, out in the country, in Watertown, Minnesota - at a place called Mudd Lake.  Here's a little taste of the gathering, hosted by  Jennifer of MckMama, and the time that we shared. What a thrill to meet MckMama.  She rules as a Mommy Blogger Queen.  And, even though I'm a food blogger....I think having four kids and being trapped in suburbia, made the evening out quite fitting for me, if not mandatory. This event had lots of mamas … [Read more...]

Rock the Vote!!

So, we thought of posting a nice post of a yummy cake we made or a delicious meal, we are a "foodie blog" after all!  But, we have three days left to Rock the Vote!  We are pulling out all the stops and going on the campaigning trail!  Will you join us?  Tell everyone you meet today to Rock the Vote at!  In return (not that we can buy your vote or your affections), we promise next week we will heap on tons of good recipes, meal planning ideas and restaurant reviews!  Your need for food porn will be … [Read more...]

The Godfather Would be Proud!

So, as you can see, we've been a bit absent...sorry, folks!  We'd like to say we were traveling the world searching for the finest culinary creations, or sharing meals with celebrities...reality?  We were sucked into the "back to school year vortex!"  You would think we'd never sent 8 kids to school!  We lost track of time! We apologize! (Not very Godfather like!) As we reentered the blogging world, Elizabeth (fellow blog writer) filled us in on what we had missed!  We were nominated for the Mobbie award in the favorite … [Read more...]