Fancy Friday Bloggy Boot Camp

Welcome to Fancy Friday! This a day where we post things that strike our fancy! Pretty things...things we covet.  I saw a couple of those things at Bloggy Boot Camp this week.  Like this Fancy Friday worthy frock!  Mama Trisha rocked this outfit and stood out in the crowd!  But, it wasn't just her frock that was Fancy Friday worthy, she's the real deal and will totally make you laugh!  Check her out at Desperately Seeking Silence. This other mama...let me pause here to say that Mom's are Fancy, especially when given the … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Tables

It's Fancy Friday and Inspiration is in the air!!  I love this table from Ruffled.  If this was my table or this was my table (from Making It Lovely)-  I would probably eating something lovely like this- from Canelle et Vanille's table.  I would have loved to be seated at this table- from Joy The Baker's party gals' On the Lamb. Unfortunately, I missed sitting at this table, for Kristin's party. … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Doors and Walls

Come on in! You know you want to open the door and take a peek inside! Kristin's (very patient) mom, wood-burned her entire front door! This is in Kristin's mom's study...she free hand painted it. Look around at some of our fancy walls! This is a close-up of Chris Ann's bedroom wall.  Her bedroom is painted in Ralph Lauren's Candlelight finish called Tea and Sweets.  Who can resist Tea and Sweets?  It has the softest luminescence yet is still modern. To cure her cabin … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Hollywood Style

As you know every Friday we post about what inspires us.  We started  Fancy Friday because we wanted a place to express and rejuvenate our artistic senses.  We get inspired from colors, textures, experiences, adventure, food, spices, and travel.   We also get inspired by hearing about what inspires others.  Today's first guest blogger for a Fancy Friday is Laura, from the Hollywood Housewife blog.  After chatting with her in our virtual world of blogging and Twitter, we finally caught up with her in the real world at Blissdom, … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Blissdom Style

One of my little projects at Blissdom was to try and capture a little of what was "fancy" for our "Fancy Friday" post each Friday.  Fancy Friday is where we capture a little bit of what we think is beautiful, artful, inspiring, or whimsical.  Basically, it's just what has to catch our eye and make us happy.  With those thoughts in mind read on....and for those of you wondering- I've got a picture of -"THE DRESS". Our fearless leader, Alli, rocked her wicked cool red boots! This was a beautiful feathery black hair piece … [Read more...]

Blissdom Beauty-Fancy Friday

There are many talented and wonderful bloggers at Blissdom are just a few, who have photographs that inspire us! … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Snow

Snow, snow, snow.  And, now you see just why I had to go on my little "research trip".  What destination is on your mind?  Love snow? Or, gotta' go!!  What's your Fancy? … [Read more...]

Mosaic Fancy Friday

I've always been fascinated by mosaics.  So, this sunny afternoon, I grabbed my camera and toured my city!  I found... a meadow of flowers on the side of a cafe, a school building, created by Banner Neighborhood Arts Club, a Bluebird of Happiness by Dick Brown, even a school bus adorned with mirrors and cracked tiles, a reflection of my city, (not a mosaic) but a very cool stained glass window, bottoms of bottles, china plates and mirrors covering the American Visionary Art … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Knit Snack

Knit bombed by The Baltimore DIY Squad. What meal brings you comfort and warmth?  Do you have your soup on? … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Best Of 2009

Fancy Friday The Tree Fancy Friday Art Car Fancy Friday Travels Fancy Friday The Bird Fancy Friday Daily Inspiration Fancy Friday Favorite Room Fancy Friday With Gusto Fancy Friday Duex Fancy Friday at LoveFeast Table … [Read more...]