Fancy Friday Favorite Restaurants ~ City Meals On Wheels Event At Rockefeller Center

You know it's going to be the beginning of a great summer evening when it starts off with an icy cold "adult beverage" snow cone from the Pegu Club. We were at the 26th Annual Chefs’ Tribute to honor James Beard & benefit Citymeals-0n-Wheels at Rockefeller Center with our "NYC-friends" Ken & Elyse. Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to get a tasting from every great restaurant you could think of?  That's just what this event was all about.  Great chefs gathered together for a great cause to benefit … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Summer Bucket List

Last Friday Kristin wrote about some sweet summer days she wants to treasure.  Now that summer is officially here (our last day of school was yesterday) it's my turn to do my summer bucket list. This summer my husband Todd and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage together.  Recently we hiked to the summit of Piestewa Peak in Phoenix.  It was the first time I had hiked to the very top of anything.  We hiked side by side towards our goal and at the end of our journey it was beautiful to look back on where we … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Summer Bucket List

Kristin's List~ The term "Life is a bowl full of cherries" came out in 1931 during the Depression.  It was a cheery, simple way to say, "Keep your chin up".  The past two years has been tough for many.  It has been for us.  But, as this summer begins to usher it's way in, my bucket list reflects "keeping it simple and enjoying the moment".  The picture above was taken this very afternoon.  My oldest son took my daughter for a bike ride.  He took her to a favorite spot that has a cherry tree.  They picked a bag full of these … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Memorial Day Recipe Inspiration

We're sharing recipes good for a long weekend today at LoveFeast Table! This salad and dressing are delish.  Devon, Kristin's husband whipped it up for our first Minnesota  BlogLove™ event "Europen Marketplace" and it was received with raving reviews! LoveFeast's own Spanish Chicken Ceasar  Salad The LoveFeast Table tradition when we are visiting each other is to mix together a pitcher or in this case a bucket of homemade Sangria. "Tim the Toolman" Sangria This is  a great side dish to bring along to a … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Hats ~ Kentucky Derby Style

And so we didn't.  Kristin made hers... And, I made mine... On our first evening at the GE Momsperience we were treated to hat making led by the lovely ladies from Dee's Crafts.  What a treat. It was fun to get to know everyone's personal style and flair right off the bat!                               Word on the street or at least in the 21c Museum Hotel is that later on … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Summer Cocktail

It's that time of year again.  It's the time when we "theme" our summer.  Part of  "themeing" our summer, is adding a summer cocktail to the mix.  It's a tradition that began in Italy and it is a part of how we roll. There's something about summer that ushers in a chance to revitalize, re-envision and rest.  Sure we know that the summer brings kids running through the house all day long, prepping pool bags and packing countless snacks for the day and trying to keep everyone from being bored.  Part of our strategy is the summer … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Graduation Parties

Graduation is coming just around the corner.  For many it is a time of planning, preparation and party throwing.  Last year I seem to remember both Sandy ~ The Reluctant Entertainer and Kristen ~ High Heels And A Hammer were hosting graduation celebrations.  Kristin and I have a year or two before we throw graduation party celebrations.  Just last summer we hosted a party for 16 year old boys.  But, we are happy to gather any tips and ideas for those that have gone before us. Last May, Kristen ~ High Heels And A Hammer … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Beach With a Book

Summer is right around the corner.  We are beginning to make our summer, take-to-the-beach, reading list.  We would love to know what you are reading right now or what you would recommend.  We need some new material. We wanted to share our lists.  As you can see, we like to read all types of books.  So, please share your favs! Chris Ann's List: A Version of the Truth Bringing Home the Berkin Eat Pray Love Committed   Kristin's List: The Pillar's of the Earth The Heavenly … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Setting A Vintage Inspired Easter Table

Easter is a wonderful celebration.  We always look forward to a relaxed day of gathering for a lovely meal around the table, Easter egg hunts and family time.  This year, I feel ahead of the game.  My Easter table has been set for a couple of days.  Once I set it to prepare for this post, I thought, why not leave it up? Spring has not completely sprung here in Minnesota, in fact, we had snow just earlier in the week.  I didn't want my table to be overly flowery or springy.  It wouldn't fit in with the not yet green … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Spring Sprucing Ideas

Paint is a perfect way to "Spring Spruce" your house!  It's just paint.  Don't be afraid to paint a new color in a room of your house and to give it a new look.  Take a gamble.  Go out on a limb and try a color you've been thinking about.  Remember, it's just paint and you can always paint over it.  Start with a stack of paint chips.  We love Benjamin Moore paint.  It can be found at your local paint store.  If you are a Home Depot stalker, Behr is a really good brand too with a better price point. For many of us, it's … [Read more...]