Fancy Friday Best Of 2010

Welcome to our Fancy Friday Best of 2010.  My personal favorite of the year was Kristin's Fancy Friday Black And White.  There were pictures from our travels to Italy, as well as Kristin's travels to Africa.  I thought it was beautiful and inspirational. Fancy Friday Black And White Some of my favorite Fancy Friday's have been collaborations between Kristin and me.  Fancy Friday Lemon Zest and Fancy Friday Frontiers were like that.  I loaded the pictures that I liked but ran out of time to create a story.  Kristin came … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Creating Community

Fancy Friday is a day where we share the ideas, art, moments and anything that strikes our fancy and inspires us!  As we have been reflecting on this year, we keep coming back to you...our guests, who daily,  pull a chair up to our Table. We wish our blog had the ability to be more interactive,  (we are working on this behind the scenes...more to come!) but, until then, we want to dedicate this Fancy Friday to you!! We want to hear about you and get to know you better! In the spirit of Fancy Friday would you answer or … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Ornaments

On Christmas Eve, before our kids to to bed, we give them one little package to open...their ornament.  This is a tradition my mom and dad started and we carried it on with our kids.  When I moved out, my mom gave me a box of my ornaments so my first tree would not be empty.  We've done the same with our kids. With five kids, the tree has gotten pretty full!  This year, I negotiated two trees!  You see, I have a love for all things vintage, especially a certain vintage tinsel tree. Over the past few years, Chris Ann … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Stockings

Preparing for Christmas by hanging stockings, is a century old tradition.  There are many stories around how this tradition was started, but they all point back to St. Nicholas.  Children began to leave stockings and shoes by the chimney with hopes that little goodies would be left by St. Nick, a man known for his care of the poor. When the stockings come out of the Christmas boxes...well, this is when I get a little giddy!  This is the moment I know that Christmas is here! Usually I save unwrapping them to … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Holiday Shopping

We, along with our husbands, have every age and stage in our own large families.  We have 9 children total and they run from preschool age 3 through 1st grade, elementary school, middle school, to our oldest 16 year old boys.  We are the main shoppers of our households so along with the decorating, the cooking, the shopping and the wrapping this is a busy time of year.  But, gift giving is something we love to do.  Some may say this season is too materialistic.  And, it is true it sometimes may seem to push that way.  But, gifts … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Give Thanks For Friends

Satin ribbons, colorful paint chips, textures of fabrics, thoughtful details in a jacket, fall vegetables and handmade crafts all inspire us!  But, conversation with new friends and old, are the moments we live for! We have had many people over this past year stop by our Table.  Some of which have become good friends and others we wish we had more time to get to know!  Today, we want to thank a few of them for inspiring us! Random Thoughts of a Citymouse Debi's "Tunes I Like Tuesday" keeps our work sounds fresh and … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Rings

Silver Stacks... "A fine quotation is a diamond on the finger of a witty person, but a pebble in the hands of a fool."  ~Author Unknown Turquoise from Mexico~ "I never worry about diets.  The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond." ~Mae West Sweet Gold~ "I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck." ~Emma Goldman Rings that strike our fancy~ "My crown is in my heart, not in my head, Nor decked with diamonds and Indian stones. Nor to be … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Costumes

How Rude! How dangerous! How disturbing! How frightening! How purr-fect is your Halloween going to be? Grab our Fancy Friday badge here and add your posts below! … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Fall Drinks

The air is getting crisp and the leaves are turning colors here on the East Coast.  This is one of my favorite times of year.  I love putting on a comfy sweater and curling up on my sofa with a good book and a warm drink.  Coffee is my "go-to" hot drink...but, sometimes it's a Masala chai latte, rooibus or hot chocolate. This fall, I want to add something new to the beverage repertoire. Crystal over at Cafe Cyan, recently made a Pumpkin Spiced Latte...using real pumpkin, not just flavoring!  This is one Fancy drink!  … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Pumpkins

It's that time of year again to pick your pumpkins! This year I got my pumpkin inspiration at the Junk Bonanza. Every year I love to decorate or fall-scape as I like to say- with pumpkins inside my home and with pumpkins outside on the front porch. Our family likes to go into the country to pick our pumpkins. Then we take our collection of pumpkins home and make them our own! ~~~~~~"I had a pumpkin, a big fat Pumpkin ~~~~~~It was growing on a vine. Then I … [Read more...]