Velvet Plush Pumpkin GIVEAWAY!

You've seen them, here, there and everywhere. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. They come in sweet little cherry size bites... and large, gorgeous, voluptuous sizes. They come in hues of different colors allowing you to adorn any room with jewels of all tones. Or in subtler shades adding sophisticated layers and textures to your decor. Each heirloom quality velvet Plush Pumpkin, is hand stitched and carefully topped with a natural, organic pumpkin stem. They are heavy and … [Read more...]

Celebrating Velvet Pumpkin Season With You!

Velvet Pumpkin Season is under way at LoveFeast Shop.  We are so excited to hear so many wonderful things from our customers this season!  Many of you have discovered we've added a phone number at LoveFeast Shop so we've had the pleasure of talking directly to our guests and hearing how they will be celebrating, sharing and decorating with their velvet pumpkins. We've had so many lovely chats with our customers it's like we've enjoyed a cup of coffee over a table together! Many of you have given gifts of PINK pumpkins … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month PINK Velvet Pumpkins

Because our business was born with a passion to create beauty inside the home and within daily lives ~ it is impossible for us to not do business considering things that are matters of the heart.  We are, as a woman-owned business thankful to have partnered with another woman-owned business, Plush Pumpkin. When Plush Pumpkin let us know that they were going to give back in a significant way to the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation to support breast cancer we agreed to support through every avenue we could, Plush … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Instagram Summer Memories

Are you on Instagram? It's a fun downloadable app for capturing and sharing photos.  Kristin and I have found it to be a creative and fun outlet for capturing and sharing beauty, memories and inspiration!  On Instagram you can see a bit of our personal moments as well as some shop "behind the scenes" happenings in our LoveFeast Shop. Follow LoveFeast on Instagram HERE Where we share behind the scenes ~ our life, our shop and the beauty & inspiration we find all around us on our journey! Our summer looked a little like … [Read more...]

Joy of the Discovery

For years we've daydreamed about the Shop we'd own and all the fun trips that we would take. We'd dream about poolside meetings and trips to the NY market with weekends spent discovering new finds. Last winter, in a "pinch us" moment, we found ourselves in NY, together with days on end to spend at the NY International Gift Show. We were like kids in a candy store (with sore feet from the miles of walking) with aisles of endless possibility. We took notes, snapped pictures and lingered with new friends and old. The joy of the … [Read more...]

Business from Dream to Reality

*The above picture is a screen shot of the new look of LoveFeast Shop. You get a sneak peek! We were rolling our bags down the conference hallway at Blissdom and looked at each other. "I can't believe we did it!" Chris Ann said. Five years ago when we started this blog, we had three goals. One, to see each other more often. Two, to start an online boutique and three, to help fund college for our 9 kids. We use to joke that we'd have to turn our dryer lint into dreams. We had been stay at home moms who had become pretty … [Read more...]

This Week At LoveFeast Table

We are so excited with all that is going on at our table.  If you are new WELCOME!   You can find out about us HERE. Inspiration for Dream Planter & Winter Porch Vignettes HERE. Has anybody else been eating too many Christmas Cookies already?  I have to admit I am loving enjoying my morning cappuccino with a little extra deliciousness on the rim.  I kicked off this years LoveFeast Holiday Cookie Exchange making these shortbread style cookies.  You can find my Lime Wafer recipe HERE. Kristin and I have been busy … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Week At Our Table

Wondering what we're up to?  Behind the scenes we're working to get ready for all sorts of inspiration to share with you here at our blog.  See the vlog below to find out what's ahead in the next couple of weeks at LoveFeast Table. Black Friday Sale coming up this Friday November 23rd! 20% OFF EVERYTHING IN LOVEFEAST SHOP 1 day only ~ Promo Code:  FRIDAYLOVE12 … [Read more...]

Hostess Gift Inspiration – Early Holiday Sale

I can remember one dinner party in particular where Kristin and her husband Devon served a lovely fish dinner.  About 4 couples sat at 8 chairs around the vintage door tables that I loved.  The rubbed worn paint finish under the plate of salmon in the soft candlelight is a memory I still remember.  Everything was soft.  The dim lighting and the happy conversation of friends happy to be gathered at the table.  At each placesetting was a terracotta pot with fresh herbs.  The table was simple and elegant.  At the end of the evening … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Shop ~ Behind The Scenes

There was a time that Kristin and I would chuckle at ourselves and our dream a little.  Come on, really how did we think we be able to start a business?  We were after all 5 states away, had no start up money to speak of, were busy raising 9 kids all together and well, we didn't really exactly know how to do this internet thing. We've had a running joke since the beginning, giving our ideas a comical tagline:  "From dryer lint to dreams!"  What we wanted to do didn't seem practical.  Yet something tangible was hidden in our … [Read more...]