Our Friendship ~ Story Part 1

Colorado was behind us now. We had left our sanctuary, our beginnings as a married couple. He was just 19 and I was 22. We had married on a mountaintop and had our baby in a town where no one knew our past. Our little town of LaVeta only had 700 people in residence. LaVeta was the perfect stage for falling in love. We woke up every morning, facing the Spanish Peaks, the only mountain range in Colorado that ran east to west. It daily pointed it's majestic finger to home. We would drive up a windy road, weaving in and out of the … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Week At Our Table

Wondering what we're up to?  Behind the scenes we're working to get ready for all sorts of inspiration to share with you here at our blog.  See the vlog below to find out what's ahead in the next couple of weeks at LoveFeast Table. Black Friday Sale coming up this Friday November 23rd! 20% OFF EVERYTHING IN LOVEFEAST SHOP 1 day only ~ Promo Code:  FRIDAYLOVE12 http://youtu.be/Vst6Aytxf_o … [Read more...]

One Day 2012 ~ LoveFeast

One of our best bloggy #IRL friends, Laura ~ The Hollywood Housewife is hosting a blog post link up called One Day 2012.  Her idea is to have you follow your life in pictures through one typical day as a way of documenting life.  She chose a day this week Wednesday, November 15th with the aim to share a typical day.  I took a little creative license on this project.  Here is my take on One Day  ~ in LoveFeast Land. Here is a little know fact.  On mornings when Kristin and I post our coffee and then share it on Instagram we … [Read more...]

Hostess Gift Inspiration – Early Holiday Sale

I can remember one dinner party in particular where Kristin and her husband Devon served a lovely fish dinner.  About 4 couples sat at 8 chairs around the vintage door tables that I loved.  The rubbed worn paint finish under the plate of salmon in the soft candlelight is a memory I still remember.  Everything was soft.  The dim lighting and the happy conversation of friends happy to be gathered at the table.  At each placesetting was a terracotta pot with fresh herbs.  The table was simple and elegant.  At the end of the evening … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Chris Ann!

"She is a friend of mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It's good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind." ~Toni Morrison HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS ANN!!  Thank you for being that friend who challenges me, brings beauty to my life and creates the laughter that makes this life a joy to live! Love, your friend, Kristin   *Photos courtesy of Kelly Sauer Ltd. … [Read more...]


Courtesy of Jen Johnson Photography She stitched carefully, placing the needle gently through the swatch of fabric she had clipped from her old bed sheet. The sheet that had covered her on warm summer nights and held her through dreams and restless sleep. It's faded rose buds receded into the fibers of the fabric, dull but softly outlined. It was worn to silky smoothness and she lingered on it's familiar feel. She bound it one stitch at a time, ever so delicately, to a piece taken from a new pile of cloth. She had stacks of … [Read more...]

PARENT ‘HOOD LINK UP: Moms Who Change the Rules

To get information on linking up your Parent 'Hood post, click HERE. They look so happy, don't they? (Not!) This picture was taken at the end of our summer vaca together, with both families this past June. They didn't want to leave each other. They didn't want their time to end. We didn't either. (Baker Boy put on a total "fake" smile for this shot.) It's hard when a chapter comes to a close. Not that it takes away from the wonderful times and memories created, it's just that sometimes, it's hard. It was like that … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Shop ~ Behind The Scenes

There was a time that Kristin and I would chuckle at ourselves and our dream a little.  Come on, really how did we think we be able to start a business?  We were after all 5 states away, had no start up money to speak of, were busy raising 9 kids all together and well, we didn't really exactly know how to do this internet thing. We've had a running joke since the beginning, giving our ideas a comical tagline:  "From dryer lint to dreams!"  What we wanted to do didn't seem practical.  Yet something tangible was hidden in our … [Read more...]

Assateague Island Beach

One of our favorite places in Maryland is Assateague Island Beach.  Assateague Island is a nationally protected 37 mile barrier island in Maryland.  Besides having a beautiful beach with lots of seashells, the island is home to a herd of wild ponies. It was the perfect place to spend our last day together after our LoveFeast Family Beach Week in Ocean City. The beach is perfect for a serene walk collecting shells. The waves and beach are great for boogie boarding. The occasional wild pony is part of … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Family Beach Week At Ocean City

The LoveFeast Family Beach Week was just perfect!  Our Brek Family of 6 road tripped it from the Minny-Apple to B'more to celebrate the Pots' oldest sons' graduation from high school.  Even though we have been Family Friends for 18 years, it was great to see our whole families instantaneously re-connect after 2 years!  We arrived just in time to help with the last minute prep for a Vintage Americana Graduation Party, before enjoying a week of rest at Ocean City, Maryland. After the party we headed to the beach.  Even though it … [Read more...]