Family Friendship

Art by my 5 year old...this was hanging in my living room...ready to greet Chris Ann and her family. Even though he hasn't seen their family in 2 years, somehow, even the youngest, has a sense of the bond between our families and the importance of the friendship.       Chris Ann and her entire family drove for two days to arrive just before my son's graduation party. There was no way they wouldn't be here. Our boys met when they were 6 months on a blanket at church. We realized over this past week, that it was a moment … [Read more...]

Inspiration In An Italian Print Shop

About 4 years ago Kristin and I and our husbands, Todd and Devon, embarked on a week of Italian adventure.  It was the first time we had traveled together.  We were comfortable with eachother abroad as much as in our own backyards.   We drank the best wine, shared a wonderful table in Tuscany, found the best apartment right behind the Trevi Fountain that was spotless, and snacked from fresh local markets.  We discovered Todd and I are fast walkers.  One day as we meandered in a neighborhood somewhere near the Spanish Steps we … [Read more...]

Our Lucky Italian Table

Luck can be defined as the chance happening of a fortunate event.  Being at the right place in the right time - can open up more possibilities to help out good fortune.   Luck, if you will, may find you - and might even come straight to your table! Traveling in Italy can set you up for this right kind of luck.  In this case, luck found us at our Italian table.  We had set out to visit the Italian countryside of Tuscany, driving from Florance to Rome.  We were ready for adventure and surprises!  We were in Italy, after all, … [Read more...]

Blissdom Mountaintop

I always find when I come back from a conference, like Blissdom, or a retreat...or even a trip, it's like coming down from the mountaintop.  Up there, the air is fresher and it's easier to breathe. Up there, your perspective is clearer and you can see miles away. You get a glimpse of a blissful future and because you're up high, sometimes a road map on how to get there, begins to unfold.  It's a bit dreamy and romantic.  Up there, the voices in the valley are quieter and you are left alone with your thoughts. You get in touch … [Read more...]

Welcome To Our Table

The LoveFeast girls are down to Nashville, Tennessee for a blogging conference called Blissdom.  We are writing this post as a bit of an intro as to who we are and what LoveFeast is all about.  Maybe you've joined us at our table before or maybe you are a new Blissdom friend stopping by to check us out for the first time!  Either way we're glad you're here to find out a little more about what's happening around our table. We are 2 friends.  Kristin is from Baltimore, Maryland and Chris Ann is from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We … [Read more...]

What We’ve Been Up To ~ 2012 Bucket List

Hey ~ LoveFeast friends!  We've been so busy traveling, planning, working and getting ready for 2012!  We have so much that we want to share with you from behind the scenes! I started this post last night and Kristin put in her edits in blue this morning! ~ and no, I so didn't mind!  So here is a sneak peak at what has been happening in the "underbelly" as we like to say ~ in our two voices. ***** See the picture above?  That's us 2 weeks ago at the Atlanta Gift Market.  We took that pic (along with like 10 others trying to … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Chris Ann!!!

The message in this cookie reads: "May your day start with a homemade cappuccino (and not a venti from Starbucks) May this day be full of sweet treats made (and all dishes cleaned up and put away) by your husband or kids, and most importantly, may you fill bags and bags of shredded documents as you organize and purge this weekend!"   Chris Ann~I wish you could be in NYC this weekend, living it up with your man, but I know that the deepest desire of your heart (to get full-on organization) will be … [Read more...]

Our Love Affair With Vintage Frames

Chris Ann and I have a thing for frames around here. That love affair began with this frame that use to hang over our counter at Jahva House.  Jahva House was a coffee shop that my husband and I owned about 8 years ago.  It was in a three story, 200 year old building that we re-purposed from antique store to coffee shop.  The walls were covered in original art, the tables painted by art students and it was a mecca for budding musicians and writers.  It''s a huge part of our story.  Chris Ann and her husband spent time with us … [Read more...]