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A Little Mischief at Sei

Our dinner reservation was for 10:30.  I slammed an extra espresso at 8 and prepared myself mentally to tackle the late night challenge!  I was headed out to Brielle's bachelorette party with a bunch of 20 year olds.  I was honored that they wanted me, 30 something, mom of 5 to tag along.  But, I have to admit, I had to gear myself up for a late had been a while. We headed out to DC to meet the rest of the party at their hotel...a gorgeous new W hotel, Aloft, set beside the Potomac River at the National Harbor.  The … [Read more...]

Iolanthe, Mussels and Belgium beer

My beautiful cousin Maria is a trained opera singer.  Of course, I knew right away, from the moment we use to sing Miss Mary Mack in our sleeping bags at night, she would one day be a star!  A few weeks ago, my husband and I had the privilege of seeing her perform in Washington DC with the Savoyards. She played Iolanthe. It was a light opera...entertaining and funny! Afterwords, we invited Maria and her husband to go get a bite to eat with us.  (We had already done our research and knew where we were headed.)  We went to … [Read more...]

Little Bit of Clementine

My husband and I had a date!!  Woo who!!  I have to admit, it's been a while.  We wrapped up our night at a new little restaurant in Hamilton (Baltimore, MD).  It's called Clementines.  Since we had not made dinner reservations and the kitchen was closing, we begged our way in for a cup of coffee and dessert.  Since Clementines has opened, it has been busy.  I have hear wonderful things about the food, and mixed reviews on the service. Now, because Devon and I have a combined 30+ years in the food industry, when we go to a … [Read more...]

No Coffee Blues And Blogging

Ok, so the morning starts like this.  I wake up and the bus will be here in like 15 minutes and none of the tweens, hidden under their covers have breathed a breath of fresh air yet.  I go down stairs in my plum colored cashmere robe, that I got for a steal let me tell you, and is suppose to make me feel glamorous in the morning and is not, and began to make my coffee.  I fill the pot at the tiny stream from my fridge, because I am convinced that my city water is trying to kill me.  This tiny stream irritates me every morning.  … [Read more...]

The Cove

Sometimes you just want to eat a burger. Eating a burger at The Cove, is like eating at your older brother’s apartment; your older brother that was into records, fishing, hunting, and skateboarding. The Cove has a relaxed hang-out type vibe where you can be comfortable, kickback, and hang with some friends. That is what “Good Vibe Ambassadors” and brothers, Bruce and Brock Larson, are trying to do with their burger joint. The menu is simple and inexpensive pub food. The hamburgers and hot dogs are served in basket with good … [Read more...]

Pazo Raises the Bar

Friends of ours decided to get married...a bit on the fly.  So, after we attended their spontaneous ceremony, we "flew" into action.  We wanted to make their day special.  I went to a favorite Baltimore spot, Pazo.  I wanted to make reservations, make sure the tab was charged to me and give them a heads up that this was a special evening.  Ingrid, the dining room manager, knew just what to do!  She reserved a table and made a note to add on complimentary glasses of champagne.  I left knowing that my friend's night was in good … [Read more...]

Baked-Up From Baked

My sister-n-law, Kim, who I think will forgive me for sneaking a look into the cookbook Baked: New Frontiers in Baking, that gave I her as a gift, has read the cookbook cover to cover.  She also has agreed to submit to a lie detector test has agreed to an interview.  Kim is in the beginning stages of launching her own baking company.  Let's see where she gets her inspiration! What is your favorite food memory? Um, learning to make chocolate chip cookies in 4-H.  We had to measure all the ingredients into butter dishes.  That … [Read more...]

Bigtime Blogging, Believing the Dream!

Well, it just might be time for some P.R. (Personal Relishing).  Somehow, in our short time in the blogosphere we have made it to the top.  In fact, we have made it on Alltop!!  See our new bad selves with our funky Alltop button?  See where this blogging journey is taking us?  We're going to rub shoulders with the best!!  Bloggers like Smitten Kitchen, Orangette,  Whipped, and Coconut & Lime.  Bloggers we admire, follow, look up to!  Bloggers, we have even stalked (we're sorry Amateur dude, we're not psychotic, we're … [Read more...]

A Night Out With Our Peeps

So, we (a group of five gals who went out to catch up, take a break from kids and husbands), drink a few cold ones and nosh a bit) just got back from the Yellow Dog Tavern.  My Lagunitas IPA was hitting the spot!  CA kicked back a cold Stella.  We ordered a round of appetizers (up to three, on Tuesdays are half off) and sat back to enjoy a time of catching up and taking a breather.  The pommes frites were a hit!  The mussels were tasty and tender!  Our waiter, Alex recommended the Kobe beef sliders and they were a perfect split … [Read more...]

Warmed at Hearth

Our time in New York City was great!  We found inspiration in many places.  We found it where we stayed-the Waldorf.  We found it where we shopped-ABC Home & Carpet.  We found it in the simplicity of a good breakfast at a common table, and we found it with our friends around the good food at Hearth.  Under the glow of the red wall, our table, because we were with foodie friends that like sharing, sampled each others' food. Our favorites were the braised lamb shank, the polenta, the arugula and fennel salad, and the … [Read more...]