Life - Join us in the LoveFeast Life!


  Pull up a chair, invite a friend and join us! … [Read more...]

Maple Sugar Farm & Fun

We found our pumpkins at  Glenna Farms, Country Store & Sugarhouse.  Our family and friends enjoyed a fun afternoon here with a picnic, campfire, and horse rides to the pumpkin patch thanks to the hospitality of the owners, Rick & Kristine Glenna.  It was a great little day trip! … [Read more...]

Kali’s Mezze

We stumbled on to Mezze one night in Fells Point!  It was an unexpected surprise!  The tapas were brilliant.  The flavor combinations were not pretentious or overdone.  The prices were reasonable and the atmosphere conducive to lingering, laughing moments with good friends! A visit to Kali's a few weeks later, on the other hand, left me with quite another opinion. … [Read more...]

Kali’s Court Not So Hot

For years I have heard amazing, wonderful things about Kali's Court. My husband and I finally made the time to visit. It was a special evening...we left our 5 kids with my mom...we anticipated an evening of wonderful food and impeccable service! My husband sent his food back. The fish was over cooked. Over cooked fish, should not be in the vocabulary of a restaurant who prides themselves on the freshest of food! Our service was mediocre and the price for this evening, overrated! I don't mind paying high dollar for a … [Read more...]

Cookbook Events for Wanna Be Foodbloggers

We couldn't believe our good fortune.   We had invented our self proclaimed jobs:  food bloggers and cookbook writers and had decided we were big.  At least, big in our own minds.  So, bolstered by our gusto, guts, and the need to quite frankly, just get out of the house, we were going to do this thing.  We had psyched ourselves up, convinced our husbands (it didn't take long, we're a force to be reckoned with), and told our kids (mommies can't be quitters)--there would be no turning back now, be it, rain, floods, lightening, or … [Read more...]

Join us at the LoveFeast Table! Cheers!

Here we are!  Four friends toasting the beginning of our blog:  The Love Feast Table.  The purpose of our blog is to begin a discussion that we hope spreads about friends and family, and gathering at the table around good food, and of course life's adventures!  We have had so many amazing memories around the table, many of those times we thought too good not to share!  So, we are going to begin a conversation about these memories, past, present, and hopefully future!  We are hoping you, the reader, will come join us at our … [Read more...]