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BlogLove™ “Refresh & Renew” Minneapolis

Our next BlogLove event will be held in the sustainable living lifestyle store, Moss Envy in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The event's theme is "Refresh & Renew" and is meant to inspire conversation around you and your blog's growth. Come ready to network with bloggers, engage with businesses, make new relationships and get re-energized around your story and your passion. Please join us for another inspiring LoveFeast™ BlogLove™ Event. BlogLove Refresh & Renew March 9, 2013, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Moss Envy ~ Minneapolis, … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Wishes Across The Miles

  Today is Kristin's birthday!!  Our tradition around LoveFeast Table is to write each other a birthday post. Distance means so little when someone means so much. People often ask us how we manage our business and also our 18 year friendship, with 10 years of it living apart in two different states. Source: via LoveFeast on Pinterest   While we both have kinks in our necks from holding our phones for hours and lots has changed as our families have grown, a lot of things have not changed at … [Read more...]

NY International Gift Fair

This past weekend, we were both in New York City for the NY International Gift Fair. This was our first time to the NYIGF. Last year, we went to the Atlanta Gift Show. These shows are trade shows for retailers who are in design, decor and gifts. It is basically floor, upon floor, building upon building, of products for your home. The first showroom we visited was the Global Designs showroom. Now, some vendors are protective of their products and ask that no pictures be taken, but many were more than willing to let us snap a few … [Read more...]

shhhhh…BlogLove secret…

For a few years, we have hosted BlogLove Networking Events in Minneapolis and Baltimore. If you've never heard of or attended a BlogLove Event, we wanted to show you what they're all about. Each event is unique! When we set out to create events, we knew we wanted our guests to walk away with a few things. One, to be inspired! Two, to experience something new and unique. Three, to connect with brands and last, to make great new friends! Here's a quick glimpse at some of our past events. Click the pictures to read more on … [Read more...]

Our Friendship Story ~ Beads

I remember as we left the nursery after the first time we met Devon and Kristin that the nursery care giver had said, "I never saw two babies that age actually seem to interact with each other." We figured if our small babies got along so well in the nursery, their parents probably might get along too.  And, so we hoped for the best.  We enjoyed their son's first birthday and then our son's. One afternoon I sat, round and pregnant folding laundry on my sofa.  To my surprise there was a midday knock at the door.   I could see … [Read more...]

Happy New Year From LoveFeast Table

As we enter 2013 we'd like to say thank you to all our friends at LoveFeast Table.  This year has been a great year of growth for us.  We have enjoyed this year getting to know the customers at LoveFeast Shop better!  We love your notes sharing stories of how you are using our products and what important and special moments you are making with them.  From gifts to welcoming decor ~ we love to hear the "back story" on how they are making your life more beautiful.  We also have enjoyed sharing stories from our table this year … [Read more...]

Our Friendship Story~Part 2

We were a little nervous. We'd never been to their home before and here they had invited us to celebrate their son's 1st birthday with them. We pulled up and squeezed our Hyundai Scoop in behind a few other cars. There were a lot of people here. We unbuckled our son, popped the trunk and got our gift out of the back. Linking fingers, we walked up the sidewalk towards the house. We heard a lot of voices coming from the back yard. "Do we go to the front door or just walk around back?" I asked Devon. "Let's just go around back," he … [Read more...]

This Week At LoveFeast Table

We are so excited with all that is going on at our table.  If you are new WELCOME!   You can find out about us HERE. Inspiration for Dream Planter & Winter Porch Vignettes HERE. Has anybody else been eating too many Christmas Cookies already?  I have to admit I am loving enjoying my morning cappuccino with a little extra deliciousness on the rim.  I kicked off this years LoveFeast Holiday Cookie Exchange making these shortbread style cookies.  You can find my Lime Wafer recipe HERE. Kristin and I have been busy … [Read more...]

Family Lifestyle Photography Tips

The truth is I made this photography sitting at the last minute just a few days before this shoot. The photographs from this post are not the finished products, by any means. Between my youngest son and myself we managed to capture some of the "behind the scenes" of our lifestyle photo shoot, while wrangling the dog, searching for the flung pink headband and wading through the knee high grass.  Here are my tips for a Family Lifestyle Photography session that will be enjoyable for your family and will produce some great … [Read more...]

Our Friendship ~ Story Part 1

Colorado was behind us now. We had left our sanctuary, our beginnings as a married couple. He was just 19 and I was 22. We had married on a mountaintop and had our baby in a town where no one knew our past. Our little town of LaVeta only had 700 people in residence. LaVeta was the perfect stage for falling in love. We woke up every morning, facing the Spanish Peaks, the only mountain range in Colorado that ran east to west. It daily pointed it's majestic finger to home. We would drive up a windy road, weaving in and out of the … [Read more...]