Inspiring Kids Through Real Life Experiences

"My name is Kristin, and I'm a homeschool mom." This is a phrase, 15 years ago, I never thought I'd say. Kinda like when I announced to my husband, "I'll never drive a wood-grained paneled mini van." You guessed it! That was the very, next car I drove. I ate my words. Nine years ago, I embarked on a new adventure, the one of a homeschool mom. Our family sold our home, our belongings, packed it up and moved to Hawaii for a few months where we were training to serve abroad. I didn't have a choice but to homeschool. Really, I was … [Read more...]

Travel Me This, Nomad

I just wanted to share with you a treasure I just received...Sibella Court's Nomad....A global approach to interior style. Have you ever received a book that you just don't want to end? You digest a page a day, let the words sink in, the images take hold in your savor, taste and try out how they land in your space. I'm only a few pages (10 to be exact) into this book, but each page I've read has delivered pure inspiration. This morning I'm sinking my creative juices into Siblella Court's "About Me" page: I am I … [Read more...]

Keensburg Colorado Road Trip Pitstops

There is a lot of open road on our road trip to Colorado.  And, at the end of a dusty road we found a fun pit stop. Poncho's at Pastimes it's called in the small town of Keensburg. We drove in looking for a gas station...   and then we found Pastimes and the friendly woman who owns Pastimes behind the counter. She was a little skittish at first, what with me pointing the camera at her, asking about family recipes and taking pictures of her ah-may-zing!!! strawberry shortcake cake.  A bunch of … [Read more...]

GE~Choosing Your Appliance

Until two weeks ago, I had two ways of choosing the appliance that was right for our home.  The first (and most important in my book) was the look of the appliance.  Was it aesthetically pleasing and would it match the mood of the room along with the other appliances? The second factor for me in choosing an appliance was the price.  My contractor husband is always on the look out for "out of the box" deals at our local Home Depot and Lowes. We were told not too long ago by an appliance repair man that the life span of … [Read more...]

Arizona Biltmore Hotel

That's were you can find me ~ under the umbrella over to the left on that bank of lounge chairs.  It's one of my favorite spots in the world. Poolside at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel is one of my favorite places to rest and relax.  It seems to be the only place where I can get a book read or be caught red handed with my own plate of wings. One theory for it's high ranking in my places of zen, might be due to the architect who designed this place or the relaxed and intimate yet luxurious vibe.  Another theory is, I'm … [Read more...]

Il Pescatore Restaurant ~ Playa Del Carmen

While we were in Mexico we had some great food.  Some friends told us about an amazing Italian restaurant a couple of blocks off the main shopping street in Playa Del Carmen.  So, one evening we took a cab from our hotel into Playa. First, we walked the main street.  We enjoyed the lights, shopping and street performers.  We tried on hats everywhere we went. Eventually we walked to our restaurant, Il Pescatore.  The minute we walked in, I felt transported back to Italy. We were welcomed, kissed and greeted as … [Read more...]

Heidi’s Restaurant Minneapolis

The day after Valentine's Day, my husband and I drove into Minneapolis for an evening out at one of our favorite restaurants ~Heidi's~ reopened in a new location after a devastating fire.  It was a restaurant we brought Kristin and Devon to when they visited.  The food, the atmosphere and the company created a memory at the table not to be forgotten.  We had great memories from the previous Heidi's.  This was the first time we had been to the "new" Heidi's.  And, we thought it would be a great way to celebrate. After valet … [Read more...]

Azul Sensatori Video Overview

This past September, 2010 LoveFeast Table took a vacation to Mexico and stayed at the lovely Azul Sensatori.  This is a video overview of our experience! *We stayed at Azul Sensatori as sponsored guests of the hotel. … [Read more...]

Azul Sensatori Riviera Maya Cancun Mexico

Last September, we had a vacation at the hotel, Azul Sensatori, by Karisma.  We went as couples, leaving our 9 kids at home.  It was a great break after the craziness of the back-to-school rush. The lush grounds of Azul Sensatori and the beach butlers were a welcome sight. Our Premium Jacuzzi Suite rooms were spacious and modern with a lovely view of the ocean. Had we brought our 9 kids along (next time!) they would have loved the spaces created just for them.  Azul Sensatori has … [Read more...]

31 Days to Savor~LeChique Restaurant Mexico

Sometimes savoring comes in the unexpected.  Sometimes savoring comes out of the box.  You might need to open your mind to something new, put away your fears and expectations and open up to undiscovered flavors.  We did this very thing last Friday night at Le Chique at Azul Sensatori Hotel in Mexico. Chef Jonatan Gomez Luna, who trained at El Bulli (rated for a long time as number 1 restaurant in the world!) treated us to a culinary adventure that was surprising, delightful and delicious!  The meal was full of surprises!  … [Read more...]