We’re Going To Mexico For Vacation!

We have a confession here at LoveFeast Table.  We're fleeing the country We need a little getaway, for a little bit anyway.  It's not because we're not tough.  It's not because we can't take it!  Seriously it has nothing to do with this being in my garage.  Or, this being in Kristin's trash. Certainly we have found good reasons for leaving the country before that had nothing to do with needing a break from kids, the back to school rush, rodents or floods.  (A few years ago it involved a game of Poker, Sangria and a wager over … [Read more...]

Aveda Moment Of Wellness

While Kristin was in town for our Minnesota BlogLove event we decided to take a trip to the Southdale Mall to visit and thank Rachael & Patty at Aveda for bringing wonderful hand massages to our BlogLove event.  Aveda added some gifts to our BlogLove swag bags that included a Caribbean Therapy body creme and an empty pure-fume bottle to bring in to be filled at the Aveda store at Southdale.  So, of course we brought our empty bottles with us!! We had to choose from a tray of different scents to custom blend our … [Read more...]

Remember the London

Love: "I started noticing how stained the pavements are in London. The pavements in Beverly Hills aren't used; in London, they're used for everything. It doesn't matter how much they're cleaned, they still reflect light." ~Julie Christie Feast: We were in New York City, at Gordon Ramsay's The London Bar.  Four women, gathered at the table.  Three of us had wine while Chris Ann sipped on a Pimm's.  We ordered an amazing smoked bacon pizza with arugula and Parmesan.  It had a light, crispy crust with just the right … [Read more...]

Baltimore National Aquarium

When Chris Ann was in town, we decided to take the National Aquarium of Baltimore up on it's offer to come for a visit.  Lil' Man has been in love with fish as early as I can remember.  Finding Nemo was his favorite movies and we watched it over and over again.  So, as we headed to the Baltimore Inner Harbor, we knew we were on the hunt to find Nemo! This summer, if you are planning a visit to Baltimore, this stop is a must!! The National Aquarium of Baltimore sits right on the water.  It is flanked by an old power plant … [Read more...]

Lucia’s Restaurant

After attending the FRESH Farm to Table Event at Lucia's Restaurant a little more than a week ago,  I decided to cap off the evening with dinner there, with my husband. Lucia's has a soothing neighborly atmosphere, the perfect place for dinner at the end of the week. First, I ordered this salad.  It was Mixed Greens with Baby Arugula, Radicchio, Pastures-A-Plenty Cottage Bacon, 6-Year Aged Cheddar Cheese, Currants, Apricots, and Riesling Vinaigrette.  It was salad heaven. Look at that bite of bacon closely and … [Read more...]

Barrio Tequila Bar Restaurant

After our our day out at the Macy's Flower Show a couple of weeks ago, Kristen and I decided to walk down the block to have lunch at Barrio. The weather was unseasonably warm so we were thinking about sitting outside. Barrio has been on my list so I was excited to eat there! They had a great lunch special going on too! The table next to us was having the special with Sangria.  We said, "We will have what they're having!!"  It looked wonderful...especially the Sangria.  We're fans of … [Read more...]

Phillips Restaurant in Baltimore

Two weeks ago, I was invited to a blogger event at Phillips Restaurant in Baltimore!  I was excited about attending!  I called to RSVP and explained my story.  The invitation was quickly extended to include my husband.  We found a sitter and headed down to Phillips Restaurant. We walked hand in hand, around the Inner Harbor, recounting some of our Phillips Crab House days! When we arrived and told the hostess why we were there, she looked at us blankly.  She made a quick call to the manager, Sandy who quickly … [Read more...]


Todd was in town a few weeks ago.  We have a tradition of meeting him in Washington, DC and finding an interesting spot for dinner! Last time, Chris Ann was with him and we checked out Potenza.  This time, Todd had CityZen on the radar.  CityZen is at the Mandarin Hotel in DC.  It was the middle of the week and the streets were quiet, so was the hotel.  We were greeted kindly by the doorman and walked in.  The matrie d' greeted us and politely explained to us that we would have to sit at the bar.  You see, Devon and I had jeans … [Read more...]

Midtown Global Market Blogger Night

Well...I got out Tuesday night!  And...not just out....out-out! Sort of left my bubble...as some would say! Suburbia Man came home from work...I put on my new top from Hot Mama and hit the road on my way to the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.  I was headed to a Minnesota Blog Pantry event at A La Salsa.  The event was planned by Molly of Tastebud Tart. Kristin and I have been on a blogging events roll....first with me attending Blissdom.  Then, Kristin attended SITS girl's Bloggy Bootcamp.  And, now I was at this event … [Read more...]

Bloggy Bootcamp in Baltimore

This past weekend, a few sistahs, rolled into my hood!  Honestly, I didn't even see them coming!  But, these sistahs look out for one another and I happened to have met one of them through my toddler's play group.  Cara from Land of Bean, who happened to take home #1 for best family blog in the Mobbie's Awards last year, (just tootin' her horn for her!) was kind enough to let me know about the Bloggy Bootcamp coming to Baltimore!  Bloggy Bootcamp was hosted by one of the SITSgirls!  And can I just pause and say here, that … [Read more...]