Heidi’s Restaurant Remembered

Good memories and times at the table can often be traced back to a place, the atmosphere, and of course great food.  Heidi's Restaurant was just the type of place to leave you with with memorable moments.  Sadly, on the same day Stewart Woodman was chosen as a 2010 James Beard Award semifinalist for best Midwestern chef, Heidi's Restaurant was destroyed in a terrible fire.  We were so shocked and sad to hear this news, since Heidi's was one of our favorite restaurants. Through the years, LoveFeast Table has had many … [Read more...]

Birthday Week, Part 2

My husband made it back the day after my birthday, a day before the next storm hit! You know that saying, "Love makes the heart grow fonder"?  I missed him and was so happy to see him!  He arrived and a wrapped package appeared on the table.  The kids gathered around and Little Man proceeded to help me tear off the paper.  I was shocked!!  Absolutely stunned!  Behind the wrapping paper was a much longed for upgrade to my camera...a new Nikon!  I really was surprised.  I thought a new camera was a bit further in the future, but … [Read more...]

Mexico Getaway

You could say that I was rescued.  My husband happened to have a business trip in Mexico last week and I had to go with him.  Had to.  Because my back yard looks like this. And, actually I could be dying of low vitamin D or even C.  So, you could say that this trip was practically a need. And, of course, being a mother of four and multitasking a kid in every stage of life (high school, middle school, elementary school and kindergarten... I could use a little R&R. But really the true story is that I went … [Read more...]

Ace of Cakes-Inside the World of Charm City Cakes GiftAway!

I just want to start by saying, I really couldn't put this book down!  I bought the book, Ace of Cakes: Inside the World of Charm City Cakes,  thinking it was an Ace of Cakes cookbook, but it's not.  This book is a LoveFeast kinda book!  I felt like I was sitting at the table with the gang at Charm City Cakes and hearing their stories and getting a glimpse into what drives each one of them to do what they do!  Each person at Charm City Cakes is featured in this book.  They share their backgrounds and the events that lead them to … [Read more...]

Heidi’s Restaurant Review

You just have no idea how incredible this drink was.  It is the drink I've been obsessing about since last summer, when my husband Todd and I had a lovely pre-anniversary dinner date at Heidi's, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Maybe I was tired, maybe I just needed to relax, or maybe I was thirsty.  But whatever it was, this drink hit the spot.  It could have been that our server muddled my second mojito table side, the smashed mint wafting in the air.   Definitely, it has risen to the top of my drink experiences, right up there with … [Read more...]

13.5% Wine Bar in Hamden

Hamden, Hon!  Home of Cafe Hon, Golden West Cafe, Red Tree, In Watermelon Sugar and many other favorite shopping boutiques!  It is an area that has been blooming and blossoming into a little hub of creative activity!  It is a bit reminiscent of the hipster Williamsburg area in Brooklyn, NY.  I have to say, Hamden gives me just a little hope, that Baltimore can emerge to be a fun city with some true personality!  Ok, enough said. My husband and I were approached about a year ago, about opening a wine bar.  We racked our brains … [Read more...]

Miss Irene’s…Ask for Rusty’s Section!

We had heard good things about Miss Irene's and when friends of our asked us to go, we jumped at the chance! We arrived, were warmly greeted and escorted up to the upstairs dining room.  We started out with a cheese plate and other antipasti and began to pour the wine!  Malbecs have been up there with my favs lately, so we ordered a bottle of Malbec and settled in for a fun evening! Our server Rusty and his counterpart, were on top of things from the very beginning.  Devon and I like service that is attentive but … [Read more...]

Pretend-za at Potenza Restaurant Review

Tuesday night we drove into Washington, DC., for dinner at Potenza. First, let us say that we had a great time!  We always have a great time together whether we are lost in Rome, swinging on the front porch in Baltimore or dining on the deck in Minneapolis.  However, our dinner at Potenza last night was bumpy like a dirt road in Tuscany.  Thankfully, the wine was flowing and good, and it didn't really matter what we were eating, because we enjoyed being together! Now, on to an honest review of this newish restaurant.  They … [Read more...]

Clementine Won My Heart

As promised, we gave Clementine another chance.  It was a celebration night!  My husband and I were celebrating our 15th anniversary.  I wanted to go to Clementine.  It's a local joint, in my hood and I have continued to hear good things.  I noticed a little bit of expansion happening...and wanted to get a closer look.  As we walked by, I noticed the vintage stove in the window.  Oh my!  It's screaming for vintage or handmade wallpaper behind it...with a big bold pattern!  (You see, I'm an artist and can't help but take in the … [Read more...]

LoveFeast at Marakkesh

We wrapped up our fun week with a final dinner at Marakkesh, in Washington D.C.  If you've never been to Marakkesh, I highly recommend a visit! We arrived and got out of the suburban (which has officially died...so really this was it's last restaurant adventure...so long old friend) and walked up to a big wooden door.  We had to knock to be allowed in.  We stepped over the threshold and were warmly greeted by numerous hosts and hostesses.  We were escorted to the back dining room.  We crossed a dance floor and joined our … [Read more...]