The Traveling Cookbook ~ Blooming On Bainbridge

I'll have to admit... I was seriously giddy when The Traveling Cookbook arrived way up here in the Northwest all the way from Bridget in Texas! My heart was beaming when I found The Pioneer Woman Cooks wrapped up in an adorable burlap bag with lots of ribbon and a sweet note from Chris Ann and Kristin of the LoveFeast Table. Knowing the cookbook had traveled from Kristin~ to Amy~ to Robyn~ to Wenderly~ and to Bridget made thumbing through the pages very special. I am honored to be part of the effort to raise money for Feed My … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook ~ Bake at 350

We are excited to be on the journey of raising $24000 for a Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack to provide 100,000 meals for starving children.  To raise attention for this project we have started The Traveling Cookbook.  We are thrilled to have been able to share the talents and heart of wonderful bloggers who have generously blogged for our project.    You can see where The Traveling Cookbook has been HERE.  Today's post comes from Bridget from Bake At 350. She is the 4th stop for The Traveling Cookbook.  I was … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook~Wenderly

Today's post comes from Wendy at Wenderly's. She is the third stop for The Traveling Cookbook. It's last stop was at Add a Pinch and also She Wears Many Hats. Follow it's journey HERE.  From the moment I had received the beautiful package from my sweet friend Robyn that contained The Traveling Cookbook I knew just what I wanted to make. Breakfast on the weekends has always been a special family time at our house. One can always wake up to smell the warm earthy aroma of coffee brewing and hear the heavy cast iron griddle … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook ~ Add A Pinch

Today's post comes from Robyn at Add A Pinch - She is our most recent The Traveling Cookbook blogger.  To follow the journey, visit HERE.   My friend Amy invited me to participate in a fun The Traveling Cookbook project and I couldn't wait to hear more about it. In a few days, she sent The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook to me all wrapped up in a handmade bag with ribbons and bows. I have to admit I was a bit awe struck just in the unwrapping of the book and seeing the cute and special inscriptions from Amy, as well as from … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook~She Wears Many Hats

When Chris Ann and Kristin contacted me about The Traveling Cookbook coming my way, I couldn't wait to participate in such a fun project. The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook showed up at my door, in a handmade bag, with trimmings and such. The LoveFeast Table ladies sure do know how to add that special touch. So cute. Trying to decide what to cook first wasn't the easiest thing to do. Ree's cookbook is chock full of tempting things. I finally chose the Hot Artichoke Dip, and Ree's famous Cinnamon Rolls. It was the first time I tried … [Read more...]

Feed My Starving Children

When we first came up with the concept of The Traveling Cookbook - Kristin and I were only looking for an interesting way to build a conversation.  We were looking for a way of engaging with our readers and other bloggers in a way that shared experiences, friendship and stories.   We know that coming together at the table is often where a good conversation takes place. We chose to start with Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman Cooks - for a few reasons.  First of all both of us had met her in real life.  A real life connection is … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook Travels

Today is the day.  We are sending The Traveling Cookbook on it's way. We've wrapped it up, added ribbon and bow... tied on a message, not knowing where it will go. There's some added direction to help navigate the way, not knowing where it will travel from day to day. So, we say goodbye with a little pat-pat and send The Traveling Cookbook on it's way to She Wears Many Hats.   To follow the journey of The Traveling Cookbook, stop HERE. To grab a badge and join in on the fun, … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook Debuts

On August 23, we shared with you a project we were kicking off...The Traveling Cookbook.  Over a year ago, we came up with this idea and it has been marinating and developing until we were just about bursting at the seams to share with you what The Traveling Cookbook is all about.  Here's the gist, a blogger receives the cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and chooses 2-3 recipes to make. He/she makes the recipe and then "scrapbooks" on those recipe pages, sharing tid-bits about how the recipe turned out, or who they shared … [Read more...]

The Traveling Cookbook ~ Coming Soon!

Collaboration thrills us!  There is something about the synergy of bringing a bunch of different people to the table to create and watch what will emerge from coming together. We want to introduce you to a project we are embarking on called The Traveling Cookbook.  The Traveling Cookbook is a project that will gather stories from many blogger's tables around recipes and food shared from a featured cookbook.  We chose The Pioneer Woman Cooks (with Ree Drummond's blessing) as our first book to send on it's journey.   Kristin is … [Read more...]