Fancy Friday Favorite Restaurants ~ City Meals On Wheels Event At Rockefeller Center

You know it's going to be the beginning of a great summer evening when it starts off with an icy cold "adult beverage" snow cone from the Pegu Club. We were at the 26th Annual Chefs’ Tribute to honor James Beard & benefit Citymeals-0n-Wheels at Rockefeller Center with our "NYC-friends" Ken & Elyse. Did you ever wonder what it would feel like to get a tasting from every great restaurant you could think of?  That's just what this event was all about.  Great chefs gathered together for a great cause to benefit … [Read more...]

A Day In Brooklyn ~ New York

One of my favorite places to visit is New York City.  Last weekend we got a chance to visit our friends, Ken & Elyse.  They have taken us on many foodie adventures.  They first introduced us to many places in New York City that have become our favorites, places like Death & Company and Hearth to name a couple.  This trip they introduced us to a new favorite place for cocktails, Dutch Kills. We spent a day walking down the streets in their Brooklyn neighborhood, to some of their favorite spots.  We started out with a … [Read more...]

GE~Choosing Your Appliance

Until two weeks ago, I had two ways of choosing the appliance that was right for our home.  The first (and most important in my book) was the look of the appliance.  Was it aesthetically pleasing and would it match the mood of the room along with the other appliances? The second factor for me in choosing an appliance was the price.  My contractor husband is always on the look out for "out of the box" deals at our local Home Depot and Lowes. We were told not too long ago by an appliance repair man that the life span of … [Read more...]

The Story Of How We Made It Into Rome

Lately we have had the travel bug bad.  Granted, we have had a get-away weekend with the GE Momsperience. But, for us that never cures the fever it actually infects us with more need to roam.  Kristin likes to think we're nomads or gypsys at heart!  We don't let much stop us from travel.  We have 9 kids between our two families.  Every couple of years we find time to go with just the 4 of us.  This past year we went to Cancun.  Did we ever tell you about the time we went to Italy with a baby? Did we ever share about how … [Read more...]

Red Penguin Art At 21c Museum Hotel

The red penguins are on the move everywhere at the 21c Museum Hotel.  They greeted us at the door, welcomed us to the GE Momsperience and loitered in the lobby, restaurant and everywhere in between.             They get around those penguins.  One night plumb tuckered out after some fancy hat making they wandered around (or were they carried?) until they found themselves a place to rest. Meanwhile, while the penguins were getting comfortable, the LoveFeast girls were … [Read more...]

GE Momsperience 2011 In Louisville

This is where we've been hanging around the last few days.  It's the stables at Churchill Downs where we've been sipping on mint juleps.  Well, not just that, lots of other things too~ We've also been hanging out with red penguins, GE Appliances and other bloggers this past weekend for the first GE Momsperience.  GE Appliances hosted a fabulous weekend for a group of bloggers and their guests.  It was a time to learn more about the brand, share ideas and start a conversation.  We had a creative itinerary full of time to … [Read more...]

21c Museum Hotel ~ GE Momsperience

The LoveFeast girls have found themselves in Louisville, Kentucky.  We're here at the inspiring and modern 21c Museum Hotel.  The hotel is truly a place to get your creativity peaking.  We've had delicious meals at the hotel's restaurant Proof on Main, lively conversation with smart women, fine dining, hat making and interacting with the art that surrounds the spaces.  We've got some stories to tell already. We've friend-ed one of the bartenders who has spilled some restaurant cocktail recipes for LoveFeast ~ perfect timing with … [Read more...]

Arizona Biltmore Hotel

That's were you can find me ~ under the umbrella over to the left on that bank of lounge chairs.  It's one of my favorite spots in the world. Poolside at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel is one of my favorite places to rest and relax.  It seems to be the only place where I can get a book read or be caught red handed with my own plate of wings. One theory for it's high ranking in my places of zen, might be due to the architect who designed this place or the relaxed and intimate yet luxurious vibe.  Another theory is, I'm … [Read more...]

Visiting The Children’s Home Spring Break

On our family's spring break vacation we got a chance to go back for a short visit to the Children's Home & Community Center.  Kristin,  Devon, Todd and I got a chance to visit the Center back in October of last year when we took our trip to Azul Sensatori.  You can read a little about the history here.  Then, a few months later, Todd and I, along with some of the folks from the company he works for, came back in February and shared a wonderful meal of empandas and gave away some books to the surrounding community. On this … [Read more...]

Cancun Mexico Spring Break 2011

            Just a couple of weeks ago our family went on Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico.  We made it there in first class style although we almost didn't make it on the plane.  After a long day at the Minneapolis airport, flight delays, potential missed connections and several phone calls our family went from a flight through Detroit in coach to 6 first class seats on a direct flight to Cancun.  Oh, and did I mention that after we got our direct flights my husband briefly misplaced … [Read more...]