GE Momsperience 2011 Trip Giveaway

When you see this kitchen, what do you think about? Being in a baking cook-off?  Piling up your fresh vegetables, sharp knives and flavorful herbs to get started making an amazing meal?  Does it make you want to experiment, try new recipes or risk it all in an "iron-chef" type cook off?  Or does it simply want to make you renovate your current kitchen? This is the GE Monogram Kitchen at the GE Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, Kentucky.  It's a theater for the senses!  It is a 10,000 sq.-ft. complex filled with … [Read more...]

Il Pescatore Restaurant ~ Playa Del Carmen

While we were in Mexico we had some great food.  Some friends told us about an amazing Italian restaurant a couple of blocks off the main shopping street in Playa Del Carmen.  So, one evening we took a cab from our hotel into Playa. First, we walked the main street.  We enjoyed the lights, shopping and street performers.  We tried on hats everywhere we went. Eventually we walked to our restaurant, Il Pescatore.  The minute we walked in, I felt transported back to Italy. We were welcomed, kissed and greeted as … [Read more...]

The Ladies Made Empanadas

Back in January, my husband and some of our friends were in Mexico for a business trip for the company they work for.  A group of us flew in a day early to visit the same Children's Home & Community Center that Kristin, Devon, Todd and I had visited in October.  We began our visit by gathering to hear the story of how the jungle was cut back and the foundation was laid both literally and relationally with area Mexican churches who support and partner in this Center.  And, now how a squatter village community has sprung up … [Read more...]

Snorkeling In Puerto Morelos

While on our latest trip to Mexico, we took a day trip to the tiny quiet fishing village of Puerto Morelos.  This was one of my favorite day trips I have been on.  Puerto Morelos is the perfect blend of enjoying the outdoors, beautiful beach views, leisurely strolls and relaxing. Puerto Morelos is located between Cancun (about 25 minutes from) and Playa del Carmen.  The reef at Puerto Morelos is part of the 2nd largest reef system in the world and is a National Marine Park.   There are a few places that will take you … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday~Portobello Road in London

Getting hung up all day on smiles Walking down portobello road for miles Greeting strangers in indian boots, Yellow ties and old brown suits....Growing old is my only danger Cuckoo clocks, and plastic socks Lampshades of old antique leather Nothing looks weird, not even a beard Or the boots made out of feathers Portobello Road...I'll keep walking miles 'til I feel A broom beneath my feet Or the hawking eyes of an old stuffed bull across the street Growing old … [Read more...]

Henry VIII’s Hampton Court's been a theme in my home as of late.  As parents, there are a few things we want to see stirring in our kids...  values such as honesty, kindness and patience.  We also strive to encourage them to be people of their word, hard working, and doers of what's right even if it's not the popular thing to do.  We want them to know it's about effort first then success and to honor the adults in their world...even if that adult hasn't earned respect. When in London, my brother took me to Henry the VIII's Hampton … [Read more...]

London’s Food and Pub Culture

I've only been back from London for a few days and am already going through withdraw from Pub Culture. I know we have pubs here in the states, but the culture surrounding our pubs is slightly different.  In England, there is a pub on every corner and it's typical to stop after work, meet a few mates and throw back an ale or two. The ale is delicious.  After one cold day, we wheeled the babies into The Wendel for a warm vanilla cider before heading home for dinner.  It was the perfect mid afternoon libation. The … [Read more...]

BlogLove™, Blissdom, London Or Bust!

Where we've been lately~We've been on the road and traveling quite a bit this past month.  First I went to Mexico with my husband on a business trip.  We got a chance to visit and hand out books at the same Children's Home and Community Center that we got to visit in October when we went on a LoveFeast Vacay at Azul Sensatori.  Then, I had just a quick turn around before I hopped on a plane for BlogLove™ "Takes Flight" in Baltimore, Maryland.  Kristin and I had a great time meeting lots of bloggers from the Baltimore … [Read more...]

Visit To Children’s Home & Community Center ~ Cancun, Mexico

Several weeks ago I went on a business trip with my husband Todd to Cancun, Mexico.  We flew in a day early, along with a team of people from the publishing company he works for to visit a squatter village and giveaway books to the children who live there. ***** The day after arriving in our hotel and getting settled, we loaded up in vans and headed through Cancun and then to the outskirts of Cancun to the area where squatter villages have sprung up.  We traveled down a bumpy dusty road that eventually lead to the … [Read more...]

Latest Trip To Mexico

Just a few days ago I got back from another 8 days in Cancun.  I know, don't hate me.  Who knew, this year would be the year of trips to Mexico!  And, here is a confession...I'm planning to be back again soon!  (Next time with my family!)   Kristin and I and our husbands had a great trip this past October visiting a truly lovely hotel, Azul Sensatori on the Riviera Maya. This time I was back in Cancun, with my husband Todd for a business trip and vacation with the company he works for Capstone.  We went a day early to … [Read more...]