Azul Sensatori Video Overview

This past September, 2010 LoveFeast Table took a vacation to Mexico and stayed at the lovely Azul Sensatori.  This is a video overview of our experience! *We stayed at Azul Sensatori as sponsored guests of the hotel. … [Read more...]

Azul Sensatori Riviera Maya Cancun Mexico

Last September, we had a vacation at the hotel, Azul Sensatori, by Karisma.  We went as couples, leaving our 9 kids at home.  It was a great break after the craziness of the back-to-school rush. The lush grounds of Azul Sensatori and the beach butlers were a welcome sight. Our Premium Jacuzzi Suite rooms were spacious and modern with a lovely view of the ocean. Had we brought our 9 kids along (next time!) they would have loved the spaces created just for them.  Azul Sensatori has … [Read more...]

Chicago Trip With Kids

Just a couple a few weeks ago I took these three on a trip to Chicago during fall break.  My 13 year old daughter was in Washington, D.C. on her 8th grade class trip.  My husband had business in Chicago and flew there early in the morning.   That same morning,  I started driving from Minneapolis in my minivan with three kids.  You are probably wondering what bet I lost.  But, really it wasn't too bad.  Truly.  We went from Chicago to visit my brother's family so we needed the van.  There is nothing like driving up to a nice hotel … [Read more...]

Azul Sensatori Hotel Cancun Mexico

Our recent vacation at Azul Sensatori in Cancun, Mexico was a beautiful treat. While the Azul Sensatori is an all-inclusive family resort.  We went with our husbands sans kids!  We stayed in the Premium Jacuzzi Suites that are well suited for adults with a little more of a private feeling. Here's a little tour of our rooms.  A beautiful bright room with lots of light, a sitting area inside and a jacuzzi bath overlooking the balcony. The cold bucket of champagne was a lovely touch. Here is our … [Read more...]

Savoring Azul Sensatori

Savor~Definition:  To appreciate fully; enjoy or relish! A peaceful morning breakfast where we get to linger, relax, and chat. Gourmet breakfast served delicious and hot! Morning yoga in the hot sun right on the ocean. This is a place to rest and think and dream. This is a place to feel the sand between your toes. We are truly having a wonderful time...We have so much to share.  We've swam, eaten, rested and relaxed to our hearts content.  Tonight we finished the evening with an incredible 14 … [Read more...]

We’re Going To Mexico For Vacation!

We have a confession here at LoveFeast Table.  We're fleeing the country We need a little getaway, for a little bit anyway.  It's not because we're not tough.  It's not because we can't take it!  Seriously it has nothing to do with this being in my garage.  Or, this being in Kristin's trash. Certainly we have found good reasons for leaving the country before that had nothing to do with needing a break from kids, the back to school rush, rodents or floods.  (A few years ago it involved a game of Poker, Sangria and a wager over … [Read more...]

Italy With A Baby

Our friend Cara from Land of Bean asked us to share a traveling story today!  Cara has this great (meaning, we wish we had thought of it!) site BlogTrotting.  BlogTrotting features bloggers from around the world and they share about their city or trips!  It's a virtual way to see the world!! Anyone who's been following us here at LoveFeast Table, knows we love to travel as do our husbands (which makes traveling easier to justify!)  When we talk about life values and family values, travel is up there on the list!  Todd and … [Read more...]

Lucky to Be Irish!

Two of my five children have red hair.  The question is always asked, "Are you Irish?"  I smile and reply, "Yes!"  My mother's side of the family is Irish.  I was raised with the understanding that to be Irish was something to be proud of.  Her family is fiercely loyal and loving!  They are a force to be reckoned with.  They can drink beer and appreciate the good stuff!  They are witty and sarcastic, passionate and vivacious!  Even when my grandmother passed away, there was singing and clanking of glasses...a true Irish … [Read more...]

Africa Dreams

Africa on the brain.  I've got it bad.  It seems to be the topic of conversation swirling around me this week.  First, I just want to say welcome back to those bloggers who went to Kenya with Compassion International.  I'm pretty sure they landed today!  I know today they will land in their respective airports and feel like they stepped into another world.  The first thing they'll immediately realize is how clean everything is.  Then they'll feel lost in the immensity of how large the airport is!  They will be so happy to see … [Read more...]

Mexico Getaway

You could say that I was rescued.  My husband happened to have a business trip in Mexico last week and I had to go with him.  Had to.  Because my back yard looks like this. And, actually I could be dying of low vitamin D or even C.  So, you could say that this trip was practically a need. And, of course, being a mother of four and multitasking a kid in every stage of life (high school, middle school, elementary school and kindergarten... I could use a little R&R. But really the true story is that I went … [Read more...]