Road Trip + Breville (espresso machine, that is!)

This summer we won't be taking a vacation.  I know, I know, sad.  But, not really.  You see, I'm still living off of last year's Killer Road Trip!  Have you ever taken one of those vacations where you decided to pack it all in?!  That's what we did! The day we were leaving and packing up the van, Devon unplugged our Breville Espresso Machine and the grinder.  I said, "What are you doing?  Where is that going?"  He responded, "With us.  On the road."  You see, we have made many trips across country.  The worst part about those … [Read more...]

New York is the New Black

Don't look for me in New York City this week.  It will be too hard.  I'll be wearing New York camouflage from head to toe.   I'm going to blend in like a burglar, dressed in black,  and steal a peak into city life.    When I'm wearing black, I'll feel stylish, city-ish, New York-ish.  I'll walk in and out of our hotel with confidence.  Black, it changes everything.  Jeans and tees, they might say gardening, or where I live right now, shoveling.  They might say soccer mom.   But, black especially at night says, Pegu Club, or Milk … [Read more...]