Glitterizing A Vintage Picture

I promised a glitter project last week ~ do you have your glue bottles ready?  This is a fun DIY Project that will possibly get you back in touch with your inner finger-painting child.  It also a great gift idea or decor idea for the holidays! I was first inspired to do this project when I purchased a "glitterized" vintage picture at an antique store and bakery over the summer.  I found it at "Kathie's Finds" in Wayzata, MN.  I love it so much that I made it the centerpiece of my mantel.  Glitterized Vintage Pictures have a … [Read more...]

Glitter Inspiration

I just shared a post about our LoveFeast friendship and journey you can check it out here.  One night, in fact the night before I flew home, Kristin and I were up to late.  We had gone past the point of productivity and were sitting quietly side by side at the table, sipping wine, and drifting around on the internet and twitter.  From time to time, we would comment on something to each other and somehow we landed on this video of Pink.  It's so beautiful I wanted to share it!!  So artful, so inspiring! The future belongs … [Read more...]

Inspiration All Around

Chris Ann was here in Baltimore last weekend for a working, inspiration weekend. What is that, you ask? It is part of our "working culture".  We get together, visit fun places, meet with friends, look for art, fun new finds and of course, eat delicious food and sip on wine.  There is no agenda, other than to be inspired.  We spent the first night at Germano's Cabaret watching my oldest son perform with arts exchange students from London. The rest of the weekend was spent meeting with potential new vendors for LoveFeast Shop, … [Read more...]

Thrill of Discovery

It was a chilly, windy day and the clouds were threatening to rain.  My mom and I were not to be hindered from making it to the Washington City Paper's Crafty Bastard Show.  The lineup was enticing, the possibilities for creative inspiration, endless.  I tried talking Chris Ann into flying in last minute to go with us.  But, being the mom of four, her time is rarely her own. But, she was with me in spirit and via texts! There were so many creative, talented artisans.  My mom (who is an artist as well) and I lingered at … [Read more...]

Beauty Explored

This past weekend, I attended a conference and one of the breakout sessions was titled Beautifying Through Art.  Two of my favorite topics, beauty and art.  The facilitator introduced herself then began to share attributes of beauty. "Beauty is unpossesive~we are drawn to beauty in a non-selfish way."  There is no ulterior motive for enjoying beauty, other than to purely enjoy it. "Beauty is unselving~it takes us out of ourselves."  We forget about "me" and get lost in the mesmerizing effect of beauty. "Beauty … [Read more...]

Orchard Art House

In one of the last weekend of the summer,  I had the opportunity to go out with some friends who also happen to be local Minnesota bloggers.  Cate happened to know about a gathering at the Orchard Art House, the amazing studio and shop of e.kate designs.                     I absolutely love art and craft fairs of every kind.  Kristin and I have gone to lots of events like this and always find that we leave with our creative juices … [Read more...]

Michael Eastman’s Cuba Collection

While Chris Ann and I were staying at 21C Museum Hotel, we saw a piece of a collection called Cuba, that moved me. Michael Easton is a world renowned photographer known for his contemporary photography that focuses on architecture and it's textures of decay.  His photographs have a painterly quality to them, that leaves you wanting to enter in and pull up a chair. They made me long to travel to untouched places, places frozen in time.  His paintings also left an indelible mark of wanting to know more about … [Read more...]

Great Grapes Wine, Arts and Food Festival

This coming weekend, July 24 and 25, there is a fabulous festival coming to Annapolis!  The Great Grapes Wine, Arts and Food Festival is an event that encourages families to come out and enjoy a day of tasting organic food straight from the farm, sipping wine and beer and listening to local musicians like The Kelly Bell Band and Junkyard Saints.   There will be over 300 international wines to sample and for the beer lovers, over 40 international brews to taste. If you bring your kids, there will be a playground where your kids … [Read more...]