Gifts That Elevate Life’s Moments

I just wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas gift this year. My 10 year old daughter, Teapot made me this knitted coffee cup cozy.  I love everything about it...the color, the chunky yarn used to make it, the texture, it's softness and the way it has elevated my coffee moments.  Ok, I have to say, the mug my husband gave me from Anthropologie, was an added bonus to adding to my coffee-in-the-morning-ritual. Did you get a gift that has elevated a life moment for you, this Christmas? … [Read more...]

Cyber Monday ~ LoveFeast Shop

Welcome Cyber Monday Shoppers!!  We are so excited to share with you our Cyber Monday features from our LoveFeast Shop! These featured items are all 20% off for Cyber Monday only!!   We think these finds take the cake!! Speaking of cakes... We are so excited to share with you a brand new product, our LoveFeast Coffee Cake.  We've been tasting these cakes for weeks, sharing then with our family and friends who all confirm they are delicious.  At our own tables ~ teenage boys have been chowing down quarter size cake slices and … [Read more...]

Liz Oie Jewlery ~ New For LoveFeast Shop

Little did we know when we started our LoveFeast Shop venture that we would be so caught up in jewelry!  But, who we happened to meet along our journey (we first met artist Liz Oie at our Spark & Style blogger event) and their passion for their work (see our visit to Liz's studio) got us caught up in the moment.  This fall we asked Liz to interpret our brand LoveFeast Table in a special collection made exclusively for LoveFeast Shop.  We are happy when we can share something beautiful with you! These pearls are from our … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Table’s New Look

Some of you know, we have been in an 8 month process of redefining our look for LoveFeast Table.  You see, when we started blogging 2 1/2 years ago, we thought we were going to write a cookbook.  That's what started us on this blogging journey.  We had shared so many amazing meals around the table (over the 14 years we had been friends along with our growing families), we thought we wanted to document them.  We wanted to share not only the original recipes, but also capture the conversations that took place as well as the … [Read more...]