Aveda Moment Of Wellness

While Kristin was in town for our Minnesota BlogLove event we decided to take a trip to the Southdale Mall to visit and thank Rachael & Patty at Aveda for bringing wonderful hand massages to our BlogLove event.  Aveda added some gifts to our BlogLove swag bags that included a Caribbean Therapy body creme and an empty pure-fume bottle to bring in to be filled at the Aveda store at Southdale.  So, of course we brought our empty bottles with us!! We had to choose from a tray of different scents to custom blend our … [Read more...]

Fall Fashion Shopping

There's nothing more fun then sharing your shopping with your peeps!  So, if anyone is curious as to what we bought with our Houndstooth credit from BlogLove....Kristin got this amazing sweater... and I got this relaxed and cozy shirt. We also spent some time chatting with Amber, the owner of Houndstooth, about fall fashion. And, got a sneak peak at her new website! Houndstooth Boutique is a chic little shop in Savage, Minnesota. BlogLove Minnesota attendees received a Houndstooth gift to spend … [Read more...]

Fabulous Fall Fashion

Houndstooth Boutique in Savage, Minnesota was one of the businesses that put a little swag in our bags at BlogLove!!  During the week while Kristin was visiting we ran down to Houndstooth and interviewed Amber, the owner to see what is going to be in fashion for this fall!  Amber is really knowledgeable and will know just the right look for you!!  So peek through your BlogLove swag bag and find her business card and visit Houndstooth to use your store credit special for BlogLove Minnesota attendees! And, here's a look at this … [Read more...]