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Fancy Friday Five Link Party

If you've been pulling up a chair at our table every Friday, you are familiar with our Fancy Friday Link Party.  Fancy Fridays have been days where we stretch our creative wings and write about things we find fancy.  Honestly, we tried to get really creative.  We might have themed a Fancy Friday~Black and White and posted black and white pictures that represented a poem we wrote about a life lived in the black and white. Or it may have been Fancy Friday~Blogs We LOVE where we shared a few blogs that just made us smile. We … [Read more...]

Handstamped Love & Savor Necklaces

We've got something we'd love to share!  Two of our newest finds from our LoveFeast Shop!  The LOVE and SAVOR necklaces were made especially with LoveFeast Table in mind.  You see we LOVE to SAVOR a beautiful life.  That is the theme here at our blog, LoveFeast Table ~ we hope you find a little inspiration here for your journey. And something to help you remember LOVE ~ The antique brass hand stamped LOVE necklace is 16" long with a 2" antique brass extender and lobster clasp. The included gems are moonstone and tiger … [Read more...]

LoveFeast HeartGrams™~Perfect Valentine

We are so excited this day has come. About 4 weeks ago, we stumbled on an idea and were not sure if we could pull it off in time for Valentine's Day...but a few sleepless nights, a lot of emails and a few frantic calls later, we got this baby ready to introduce to you! The LoveFeast HeartGram™! The velvet, plush pumpkins were such a hit this past fall, we JUST knew we wanted to make a way for these beauts to find a way into our homes all year round. The "all year round" part, we are still working on, but at least for the winter, … [Read more...]

AVAM Sock Monkey Making Event

Right before Christmas, The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, hosts a community art project. This year, it as all about The Sock Monkey.  We came with our required two socks and a pair of scissors.  The rest was FREE! We arrived to be greeted by Sock Monkey helpers that handed us a pattern. They then directed us to tables... of thread, needles and stuffing along with... piles of fabric, buttons, ribbon, ties, thread, yarn and rick rack...all the necessary accessories to personalize … [Read more...]

Gifts That Elevate Life’s Moments

I just wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas gift this year. My 10 year old daughter, Teapot made me this knitted coffee cup cozy.  I love everything about it...the color, the chunky yarn used to make it, the texture, it's softness and the way it has elevated my coffee moments.  Ok, I have to say, the mug my husband gave me from Anthropologie, was an added bonus to adding to my coffee-in-the-morning-ritual. Did you get a gift that has elevated a life moment for you, this Christmas? … [Read more...]

Eclectic Holiday Decorating Tips

Holiday decorating for us is usually all about pulling bits and pieces to create a unique look. For us, we don't decorate with a "from the box" look. We like each year to be unique and eclectic. We will pull items from different seasons, like these velvet, Plush Pumpkins. We know they are pumpkins, but the fact they are made with a lush velvet, makes them a great addition to any festive holiday display. One of the things we try and keep in mind when decorating is using items with different textures and made from different … [Read more...]

Glitterizing A Vintage Picture

I promised a glitter project last week ~ do you have your glue bottles ready?  This is a fun DIY Project that will possibly get you back in touch with your inner finger-painting child.  It also a great gift idea or decor idea for the holidays! I was first inspired to do this project when I purchased a "glitterized" vintage picture at an antique store and bakery over the summer.  I found it at "Kathie's Finds" in Wayzata, MN.  I love it so much that I made it the centerpiece of my mantel.  Glitterized Vintage Pictures have a … [Read more...]

Glitter Inspiration

I just shared a post about our LoveFeast friendship and journey you can check it out here.  One night, in fact the night before I flew home, Kristin and I were up to late.  We had gone past the point of productivity and were sitting quietly side by side at the table, sipping wine, and drifting around on the internet and twitter.  From time to time, we would comment on something to each other and somehow we landed on this video of Pink.  It's so beautiful I wanted to share it!!  So artful, so inspiring! The future belongs … [Read more...]

Cyber Monday ~ LoveFeast Shop

Welcome Cyber Monday Shoppers!!  We are so excited to share with you our Cyber Monday features from our LoveFeast Shop! These featured items are all 20% off for Cyber Monday only!!   We think these finds take the cake!! Speaking of cakes... We are so excited to share with you a brand new product, our LoveFeast Coffee Cake.  We've been tasting these cakes for weeks, sharing then with our family and friends who all confirm they are delicious.  At our own tables ~ teenage boys have been chowing down quarter size cake slices and … [Read more...]

Velvet Plush Pumpkins ~ Black Friday Sale

Velvet Plush Pumpkins are high-quality, hand-made, sophisticated and beautiful holiday decorations! Our brand new holiday sets of velvet pumpkins are going to be 15% off Friday until 12 midnight at our LoveFeast Shop Here are some decorating ideas for making the most of your pumpkin sets ~ Arrange velvet pumpkins on a table or mantel with holiday ornaments and greens.  Tuck velvet pumpkins under a table top tree for texture and decoration.  Arrange small singles velvet pumpkins at table settings with name … [Read more...]