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Holiday Gift Guide for HIM

We don't know about you, but shopping for HIM can sometimes be difficult. Aside from the traditional ties and power tools, what do you get the men in your life? Having 5 boys in my family, I'm always on the hunt for something unique. So, based on the tastes in my house, I created a Holiday Gift Guide for the boys. For the Tech Guy: I found these iPad cases at a local handmade market and loved the texture of the waxed canvas. For the Musician: The musician in your life will feel righteous with this guitar strap … [Read more...]

Gift Guide Roundup

Wait for it...wait for TUESDAY we will be part of a Gift Guide Roundup! Along with some of our fabulous friends, we will be sharing with you some creative gift ideas. We will be sharing our top Gift Ideas for HIM. This year at a handmade market, Gifts for HIM seemed to dominate what we saw. That's not usually the case. We know guys can be hard to shop for, so we wanted to share with you some of our finds. So, set aside some time next Tuesday...we will have our Gift Guide for Him ready and will have links for all … [Read more...]

Style For Thanksgiving

Today we're featuring a Thanksgiving style post by our friend and practical fashionista Megan Cobb of FriedOkra. Thanksgiving evokes such a feeling of cozy togetherness, doesn't it? It's also the holiday that just seems to demand a nod to our rustic history. To capture both rustic and cozy, with a touch of celebratory elegance, I've created a look here that combines a bold but warm and comfy pieced Fair Isle sweater (Anthropologie) with a simple, classic camel wool pencil skirt (J. Crew) and added touches of color and … [Read more...]

When Your Dress Inspires Your Table

I had been traveling the prior two weeks. I was exhausted. So for a couple of days, I had a hard time venturing out of my yoga pants. But, I can only handle that type of dress for a few days. You see, being a home-school mom, I make it a point to get up, get dressed and put make up on, even if my day keeps me home bound. A good friend of ours, Abby Leigh, started a link up on Wednesdays, "Dress for the Day You Want to Have." I'm a firm believer in taking the time to be "dressed" put on a bit of make you hair, even … [Read more...]

Meet Kristin’s Sister~Designer of Boho Beach Jewelry

Meet my younger sister, Cana Praise Morningstar! (Yes, that's her real name.) Pull up a chair to the table and get to know one of my favorite people in the world. Cana was born when I was 7. And as far as sisters go, she rocked my world. From the very beginning she emanated creativity and spunk. Early on she surrounded herself with collections of things...baba's (stuffed animals), old inhalers and anything sparkly. She would create miniature models of things like The Wheel of Fortune, out of toothpicks and entire mini feasts … [Read more...]

No Heat Curls

We have a good friend, Nish. She blogs over at Nish Happens. Nish is a down to earth, white water rafting, storytelling kinda girl. She's the one you want around your campfire at night. Recently she wrote a post, Four Beauty Tips for Women Who Don't Give a Crap. I love Nish and her ability to cut to the point and get down to business. I had spent time with Nish on a girls weekend retreat last month and I have to be honest, had hair envy. She had long, shiny, chestnut hair with just the right amount of laid back curl. I've … [Read more...]

How To Create Handmade Painted Bobby Pins

Back in the day when Kristin and I were raising our little people, I was know for whipping up craft projects for my kids.  I was a former middle school art teacher and I always had plenty of feathers, glitter, gem stones, glue and construction paper around.  There were afternoons Kristin would come over with her kids in tow, to find me and my kids at the kitchen table with a confetti burst of collage materials covering the floor all around us.  "How are you going to get this cleaned up!?" she'd gasp!  We have many a story about … [Read more...]

Beautiful Lady ~ Dress For The Day

We can multitask several children fed, dressed, lunches made, hair combed and out the door in less than 45 minutes. Have you ever wondered why it takes so much effort to get ourselves ready to go out the door?  Because, it just plain takes some effort.  Lately I have been trying to put a little bit of extra effort into getting "Dress For The Day".  Funny thing is I had already started this effort, when one of my friends, blogger, started this weekly link up of inspiration to encourage us all to put in that extra effort.  I have … [Read more...]

PARENT ‘HOOD~Mama Bags with Style

When my babies were young, it was a Pre Etsy Era. I hunted high and low for a unique and creative diaper bag to carry. I think I ended up with something black because that was the closest thing to keeping me modern and hip. The alternatives were bags with baby prints on them...seriously?! What were manufacturers thinking? Recently, I was with a good friend, Ashleigh Baker. She was rocking a diaper bag that made me almost, swoon for a do-over. Ok, her bag and her babe! Oh my, I could have eaten him up! Not to mention she … [Read more...]

Havaianas ~ Last Days Of Summer ~ Giveaway

When Havaianas contacted us to do this giveaway we thought it was a perfect fit for LoveFeast Table.  Havaianas is a brand we love!  We are introducing a new category here at LoveFeast Table ~ STYLE.   We've been writing on STYLE & fashion but didn't have a proper category for it.  So, thanks to our web guru and a little late night work ~ voila!  As if it all wasn't aligning just perfectly already ~ this photo of Kristin and I from this summer emerged ~ AND Kristin is wearing her Havaianas flip flops!!  LAST DAYS OF … [Read more...]