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Color Block Polished Nails

You are never to old to play with color.  Color is the new black.  That is what I've been saying all summer long.  Lately, I've been a little more adventurous, trying out the color blocking trend on my nails.  I started with the coral and navy shown above. One important thing to keep in mind with this trend is to color block with colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. Without even knowing it, I found out Kristin was doing the same.  I caught this pic via our LoveFeast_Table Instagram account.  Sometimes even BFFs are … [Read more...]

A Vintage Americana Outfit

I was out thrifting with Ashley from Our Daily Chocolate. She encouraged me to buy these: To be totally theme on at my son's Vintage Americana Graduation Party. They were $2.90. Then I found this red and white gingham blouse a few days later, for $3. Now, if I can add one of these denim capris to the number, I think I'll be in business.   A little punch of color...         Or for fun, I could add this and the look would take me all the way to the 4th of July. Now, I wonder what Chris Ann will be … [Read more...]

Chevron Dress Inspiration

Over the last couple of weeks Kristin and I have savored some Motherhood Moments.  Kristin's oldest son, a senior is graduating from high school in the next couple of weeks.  She just saw him off to on a final school trip abroad.  It seems just yesterday our firstborns were turning 16!  You can see how we celebrated during the LoveFeast For 16 Year Old Boys Birthday Party we threw a couple of years ago.  Kristin is finishing up her homeschooling year and planning the Graduation Party.   I'm getting ready for my kids to get out of … [Read more...]

Big Buddha Bag BFFs

This is the bag you wish you had.  Me too.  If you ever wanted to have serious bag envy.  Now is the time.  Kristin's spring/summer bag is awe-some.  Those are all little beads sewn on in a zig zaggy chevron stripe ~ it feels delicious.  I know this because I borrow it from Kristin just to drape over my arm, like once. She found her Big Buddha Courtny bag in Cream in a Maryland TJMaxx.  You can also find the Courtny bag in Fuschsia. I have scoured my TJMaxx here in Minnesota to find a similar bag to be Kristin's bag's … [Read more...]

Summer Maxi Sundress Dresses

This is me and my 4 kids over Spring Break in Mexico a couple of months ago.  It was there I realized how handy a maxi sundress is.  I was cool on top and as the sun set, my legs were covered keeping me cozy as my husband and I relaxed back sipping our drinks and watching our kids stroll the desserts for the third time each.  That's what vacation is all about. As a busy mama with 4 kids, a go-to look is a necessity.  Right now, I am in love with stripes and color and sundresses, specifically the maxi sundress.  They're … [Read more...]

Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace

As some of you may know we are both mothers of many children.  Kristin has 5 children and Chris Ann has 4.  After many years, and all those children neither of us had a piece of jewelry to represented our families.  We knew there was something out there, but we hadn't come across anything that we thought would last the years, live past the fads, remain classic, stylish and sophisticated.  Something that we would treasure forever.  We also knew that whatever Mother's jewelry we would get, it had to be artistic. We want to let … [Read more...]

Spring Makeup Inspiration

This post will guarantee you one guilt free spring makeup shopping trip.  If you have a daughter to take, you will get brownie points for teaching her the fine art of being a woman.  It will actually eradicate any money you spent at Sephora under your beauty budget.  It can now be filed from beauty expenses into education expenses.  This is true fact.  I asked David Ramsey. I know now that I've hit 40ish I need an extra set of eyes.  (We'll talk about my completely awesome green readers later.)  I used what is the equivalent … [Read more...]

Love Jewelry? Blissdom Sale!! (& Fancy Friday Party)

Because we are at Blissdom ~ and because we thought it would be fun!!  We're having a jewelry sale! & a link party! This is a special Blissdom sale through the end of the month ~ February 29th ~ for all Blissdom friends, LoveFeast Table readers and LoveFeast Shop shoppers.  We are offering all our LoveFeast Shop jewelry for a special 20% off!!  If you are here for Fancy Friday 5 the link party is still happening at the bottom of this post!  In fact if you link up your Fancy Friday post at the bottom of this post you … [Read more...]