Color Block Polished Nails

You are never to old to play with color.  Color is the new black.  That is what I've been saying all summer long.  Lately, I've been a little more adventurous, trying out the color blocking trend on my nails.  I started with the coral and navy shown above. One important thing to keep in mind with this trend is to color block with colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. Without even knowing it, I found out Kristin was doing the same.  I caught this pic via our LoveFeast_Table Instagram account.  Sometimes even BFFs are … [Read more...]

Spring Makeup Inspiration

This post will guarantee you one guilt free spring makeup shopping trip.  If you have a daughter to take, you will get brownie points for teaching her the fine art of being a woman.  It will actually eradicate any money you spent at Sephora under your beauty budget.  It can now be filed from beauty expenses into education expenses.  This is true fact.  I asked David Ramsey. I know now that I've hit 40ish I need an extra set of eyes.  (We'll talk about my completely awesome green readers later.)  I used what is the equivalent … [Read more...]