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St. Patrick’s Day Link Up Tomorrow & Other Fun News

We just wanted to let you know some of the fun things happening at our Table. Tomorrow, Fancy Friday will be a Link Up party for all things GREEN and ST. PATRICK'S DAY! So, get your posts ready and link up tomorrow. Speaking of St. Patrick's Day...let's talk Ireland for a minute. I (Kristin) went to Ireland about  6 years ago. My husband and I have great friends who live there and are doing amazing work on reconciliation. They bring people to the table who have very different views and faith to share and listen to one another. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Wishes!

Whoohooo!!  Guess who is blowing out 40 candles today!!  Kristin!  My LoveFeast Table partner in crime.  Now that Kristin is at "the top of the hill" (I didn't say it first!)  you could say that it will be all down hill from here ~ LOL.  But, I can tell you this (from experience) Kristin's 40's ~ will probably be more of all the wonderful things her life is already filled with a loving husband, beautiful kids, an artistic cozy welcoming home, a table full of family friends who admire and respect her.   And a bff and biz partner … [Read more...]

Table Talk ~ Our First Live Chat

Shew! We survived! We just wrapped up our first LIVE Chat on Coffee Talk at BlogFrog. It was such a lively chat - what a blast!! Yes, it was. No major secrets came out - lol!! Except that we use candlelight to hide craping. Do people know what craping is?  Perhaps you should tell that story...Remember the time you called me from a restaurant because you had just over heard to ladies talking about craping in front of the mirror?  And, you had to call and tell me about it? Yes, kinda...but, let’s just clarify, … [Read more...]

Coffee Talk BlogFrog Community Discussion

One of our favorite things is to share a cup of joe and some coffee chat.  When we were mothers with very young children we use to drive up and down the streets with our vans filled with sleeping toddlers and babies strapped in their car seats.  We would pass each other in the streets and nod and lift our cups to each other. Times have changed for us!!  We're now "coffee chatting" online ~ which is almost as good as in real life!! Please join us TOMORROW for a LIVE CHAT  :  Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 9 pm est We are going … [Read more...]

The Heart Of Savoring Beauty ~ Giving

A couple of years ago Kristin and I did some promotional work for a lovely hotel in Playa del Carmen called Azul Sensatori.  During our trip we visited a Children's Home that friends of Kristin and Devon's, Mike and Terrill, had been working on for about ten years.  It was the perfect time to see the progress that had happened over the years, with our own eyes. After our first visit my husband had the inspiration to invite his company to get involved with this project.  That inspiration became the beginning of yearly trips … [Read more...]

Heart Pumpkin Winner ~ LoveFeast Shop

Wondering who the winner of the LoveFeast HeartGram™ is?  Wanna know who is going to get to send some Valentine love? The winner from the giveaway  is ~ Carrie Phillips !! Comment: I would definitely send this to my mother and make it from my two preschool sons. She would love to get a valentine like this from them! :) Thanks, Carrie (permalink) ***** Now ~ don't can send your own, to your Valentine, your friend or yourself.  It's OK to love you some heart pumpkins.  We've never seen one before this … [Read more...]

Friendship in Raising and Releasing Children

Today, I'm home in Baltimore, homeschooling my 3 younger kids (in theory). My husband is at work with our 14 year old who is off of high school this week.  My oldest son, Drama Boy (17) is in Minnesota with Chris Ann and her family. My thoughts have drifted to 15 years ago, when our two oldest sons were toddlers sharing a plastic table with a plate of cut up chicken nuggets and apples. Their vocabulary was limited, but somehow, even then, Chris Ann and I saw how easy they were with each other. They accepted each … [Read more...]

Velvet Heart Pumpkin Giveaway

One season of for our plush bountiful beauties wasn't' enough!!  Just when we thought the end in was in sight - our eye caught a sweet little find in the pumpkin warehouse... a delicate sweet little curved up heart-shaped beauty there all alone.  Hearts be still.  We knew our pumpkin lovin' friends would appreciate something to add to their nest of pumpkins! And, also the ability to share some pumpkin love! We're spreading the Valentine's Day love early with a giveaway of our HeartGram™ which includes a pair of heart-shaped … [Read more...]

Skateboard Art Inspiration

When looking for products for LoveFeast Shop, there are a few criteria that we look for.  1) Does it make us happy? 2)Would we have it in our own homes and lives? 3)Is it unique? 4)Is it finely crafted? 5)Does it reflect a part of our journey? Recently we added Skateboard Art to our Shop.  As soon as we stumbled on this artist at a local craft show and saw the unique ways she had upcycled used skateboard decks, we knew it was a perfect fit. The luggage tags were unique and made us smile.  Not to mention, added to a … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurial Spirit

I was at my aunt and uncle's on Christmas.  They are both entrepreneurs.  They each had a dream, set out to pursue it and didn't let anything stand in the way of making it happen.  My uncle was our business manager when we opened Jahva House.  He helped us write a business plan, think through the finances and marketing and was a wealth of information. He has an entrepreneurial spirit. One of my cousins was sharing how he thought he may transition one day from being in law enforcement to starting his own company.  I said, "It's … [Read more...]