Table Talk ~ Our First Live Chat

Shew! We survived! We just wrapped up our first LIVE Chat on Coffee Talk at BlogFrog. It was such a lively chat - what a blast!! Yes, it was. No major secrets came out - lol!! Except that we use candlelight to hide craping. Do people know what craping is?  Perhaps you should tell that story...Remember the time you called me from a restaurant because you had just over heard to ladies talking about craping in front of the mirror?  And, you had to call and tell me about it? Yes, kinda...but, let’s just clarify, … [Read more...]

Coffee Talk BlogFrog Community Discussion

One of our favorite things is to share a cup of joe and some coffee chat.  When we were mothers with very young children we use to drive up and down the streets with our vans filled with sleeping toddlers and babies strapped in their car seats.  We would pass each other in the streets and nod and lift our cups to each other. Times have changed for us!!  We're now "coffee chatting" online ~ which is almost as good as in real life!! Please join us TOMORROW for a LIVE CHAT  :  Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 9 pm est We are going … [Read more...]

Happy New Years From LoveFeast Table

  Dear Friends, We want to thank you for pulling up a chair to our table this year!  It was an exciting and busy year for us as we launched our new site, an online boutique and met so many wonderful people.  Thank you for joining us! We have been in great company. This is our latest, new addition, The LoveFeast Newsletter.  We will send this out once a month to give you a quick picture of what’s to come.  We will also share a tip from our kitchen and a featured item from LoveFeast Shop.  We … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Shop ~ Giveaways

Just like a good glass of wine shared with friends ~ we believe in sharing a good secret with our friends here at LoveFeast Table!!  What's the latest tidbits? Some of our blog friends are giving away  amazing finds from our LoveFeast Shop! Visit  House of Turquoise to find our amazing Roman Glass Necklace with a real antique Byzantine Coin.  That's old - y'all!  Really old!  But, better than that ~ each coin is one of a kind and beautiful.  Kristin and I especially like the touch of the 24k gold vermeil discs at the top of … [Read more...]

Joy in the Mud

Sometimes, you just have to jump in and let go. There were sounds of screeching and giggling so I opened the curtain and peeked outside. Three of my kids sneaked out of the house, during a rain shower and this is what I found. Even my teenager (who is a clean freak by nature) was embracing the mud. They wiggled their toes in it...danced and twirled and even tried to drag me in. I snapped away, capturing a "childhood sibling moment" I wanted them to be able to recall even after years had passed. It's the moment I … [Read more...]

Inspiration For Possiblities

"Our aspirations are our possibilities" ~ Samuel Johnson What are you dreaming of doing? … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Table’s New Look

Some of you know, we have been in an 8 month process of redefining our look for LoveFeast Table.  You see, when we started blogging 2 1/2 years ago, we thought we were going to write a cookbook.  That's what started us on this blogging journey.  We had shared so many amazing meals around the table (over the 14 years we had been friends along with our growing families), we thought we wanted to document them.  We wanted to share not only the original recipes, but also capture the conversations that took place as well as the … [Read more...]