Heart Pumpkin Winner ~ LoveFeast Shop

Wondering who the winner of the LoveFeast HeartGram™ is?  Wanna know who is going to get to send some Valentine love? The winner from the giveaway  is ~ Carrie Phillips !! Comment: I would definitely send this to my mother and make it from my two preschool sons. She would love to get a valentine like this from them! :) Thanks, Carrie (permalink) ***** Now ~ don't fret...you can send your own, to your Valentine, your friend or yourself.  It's OK to love you some heart pumpkins.  We've never seen one before this … [Read more...]

Velvet Heart Pumpkin Giveaway

One season of for our plush bountiful beauties wasn't' enough!!  Just when we thought the end in was in sight - our eye caught a sweet little find in the pumpkin warehouse... a delicate sweet little curved up heart-shaped beauty there all alone.  Hearts be still.  We knew our pumpkin lovin' friends would appreciate something to add to their nest of pumpkins! And, also the ability to share some pumpkin love! We're spreading the Valentine's Day love early with a giveaway of our HeartGram™ which includes a pair of heart-shaped … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Shop ~ Giveaways

Just like a good glass of wine shared with friends ~ we believe in sharing a good secret with our friends here at LoveFeast Table!!  What's the latest tidbits? Some of our blog friends are giving away  amazing finds from our LoveFeast Shop! Visit  House of Turquoise to find our amazing Roman Glass Necklace with a real antique Byzantine Coin.  That's old - y'all!  Really old!  But, better than that ~ each coin is one of a kind and beautiful.  Kristin and I especially like the touch of the 24k gold vermeil discs at the top of … [Read more...]

Gratefulness Leads to Another Giveaway

We are a bit giddy around here! You see, we're coming into a season of gratefulness.  And we are counting our many blessings over this past year.  We are grateful for husbands who support us, kids who adore us (most days), a new look for our table, our friendship and for you!  We are so thankful for your support and friendships.  We are amazed at all the wonderful people we are meeting around the "virtual" table and the outpouring of thankfulness that came out of our last LoveFeast Plush Pumpkin giveaway, that well...we decided … [Read more...]

Therapon Skin Renewal Giveaway

This week at our table we are introducing our BlogLove™ events.  So far we have held these networking events for bloggers in Minneapolis and Baltimore.   BlogLove™ events have been a great way to meet the bloggers in the areas that we both live, Minneapolis and Baltimore.  We hope to expand these events to other cities as well.  Part of the success of these events are the businesses that have either hosted or sponsored these events.  A brand or business that participates with an event like BlogLove™ is one that understands the … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Launch GiveAway Winners

Thank you to all who celebrated our first week with us!  What a fun time!  Keep checking back.  There is still more to come.  In the following weeks we are going to be sharing more bells and whistles (fingers crossed!) and rolling out projects that we hope you will be a part of.  You see, we believe the more guests at the table, the more fun we'll have! We were so thankful to the guest bloggers that shared time at our table with us last week.  Erin, Jaime, Sandy and Maggie have been friends at our table for a while and we can … [Read more...]


The first time I met Maggie, AKA Gussy, was last year at one of our BlogLove Events.  I didn't get a chance to talk to her very long, but later in the year, at a conference, we had one of those heart to hearts that left us knowing we had become friends.  Maggie is full of LIFE and creativity and witnessing how she has taken that and turned it into a successful business, is nothing short of inspiring.  LIFE here at our table is about the real LIFE experience...the tangible...the things that happen away from the computer. To … [Read more...]


There is nothing like the buzz around the table when the food gets set, the guests sit down and the conversation begins. Today's guest is Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer.  She believes hospitality is not something that is hard or mysterious, but an act, even with the simplest of gestures, that can make someone feel at home.  She is introducing you to our TABLE a place for conversation to happen and stories to be exchanged. We hope you're getting comfortable here.  We want you to feel at home. Kick off your shoes and join in the … [Read more...]


FEAST is all about food...meals, menus, recipe, reviews and memories around the table.  Pull up a chair, we want to introduce you to today's guest, Jamie of Life's a Feast.  Jamie is one of our long time blogger friends.  We discovered each other quickly on twitter.  She was our FEAST sister across the pond.  We knew when we were planning this week that she was the perfect person to introduce you to FEAST here at LoveFeast.  She is an amazing storyteller and the way she weaves the recipe with the memory, captures all who read. … [Read more...]


We are so excited to introduce to you our first guest blogger this week, Erin from House of Turquoise.  Erin inspires us daily on her many decorating blogs. We LOVE to go there for inspiration and daily eye candy.  She is introducing to you our first category, LOVE.  If you notice, we have created four categories that all of our posts will live under.  LOVE is the category that is total inspiration...art, design, decor, bits & baubles, fashion...you get the idea.  As we prepared for Erin to come, we got inspired to create … [Read more...]