GE Momsperience Winner

First, we'd like to say, we wish we could take each of the entrants with us.  How fun would that be?  But, we can't.  We had to choose one guest. So, without further ado...   Congratulations Wendi!  You are the winner of the trip! You will be joining us at the GE Experience Center in Kentucky from May 15-17 with a handful of other bloggers to cook, eat and share tips we've learned for making entertaining simple.  GE has some other wonderful things planned and we are thrilled you will be going with … [Read more...]

GE Momsperience 2011 Trip Giveaway

When you see this kitchen, what do you think about? Being in a baking cook-off?  Piling up your fresh vegetables, sharp knives and flavorful herbs to get started making an amazing meal?  Does it make you want to experiment, try new recipes or risk it all in an "iron-chef" type cook off?  Or does it simply want to make you renovate your current kitchen? This is the GE Monogram Kitchen at the GE Monogram Experience Center in Louisville, Kentucky.  It's a theater for the senses!  It is a 10,000 sq.-ft. complex filled with … [Read more...]

Mother’s Tree Of Life Necklace Giveaway Winner

There's a lot of plates of this and that serving up on LoveFeast Table right now.  First off we have a necklace winner, then some reminders AND most importantly a head's up to our GETAWAY with ONE OF OUR READERS!!  So, check out the current "table talk"... We are happy to announce that the winner of our LoveFeast Table Mother's Tree of Life Necklace Giveaway is Anna from Girl With Blog.  She was chosen out of 8 bloggers who wrote about the latest BlogLove event, Spark & Style event sponsored by Therapon Skin.  Anna was … [Read more...]

BlogLove™ Spark & Style

Last Saturday night Kristin and I hosted our 5th BlogLove™ event.  This was our 3rd event in Minnesota.  Our BlogLove™ events bring bloggers, businesses and brands together for what we hope is an inspiring time.  Kristin and I were so happy to have so many guests join us for BlogLove™ Spark & Style! DJ Kane kept the Houndstooth energy popping!! Thanks to our models who worked their own "Spark & Style" walking the room in Houndstooth fashion.  Amber from Houndstooth, dressed the "Spark & Style" blogger … [Read more...]

LoveFeast “Takes Flight” Bags & GiveAway

Over the past week I've gotten a lot of IRL (In Real Life) time with some of my blogging friends.  One of the things I like about blogging is the community it builds as well as the friendships it launches. Meeting for coffee or lunch is a welcome break from solo time behind the computer.  Sometimes you just have to reach out and do lunch IRL style.  And, I have been doing just that lately. (Anna from Motherly Law, Jennifer ~ Grow With Graces, Kate ~ Kate In The Kitchen, Elle ~ All Things Bright & Beautiful, … [Read more...]

Velvet Pumpkin Thanksgiving Giveaway

We know they are yummy.  Velvet plushness waiting to adorn your mantels, table tops, ledges and bowls. One of our lucky readers will have this special trio, from Plush Pumpkins,  sent to them just in time for Thanksgiving! Our pumpkin trio giveaway *sponsored by Plush Pumpkins* is going to go through Friday, November 19th, 1pm Central!!  Winner must live in the U.S. due to the shipping weight of the pumpkins.  Here are 2 ways to getting yourself some pumpkin love!  Make sure to leave a comment that says what you … [Read more...]

The Breville Has Landed

Something landed on our doorstep this weekend.  Something very, very good. And, we'll give you a hint.  You just might like it. So, spread the word, and keep a look out!  Something amazing might be given away in a blog you read! Just sayin'. Cause we kinda like our Brevs', around here. Check them out at Breville USA. And, keep your eye's peeled. It could happen. … [Read more...]

Party Peacock Presents Prize!

Drum roll please! It's official.  The drawing was done scientifically (ie...mixing bowl and whisk).  And the winner of our Sweet Goddess Chocolate trio is Jamie! Jamie, your sauces are on the way!  Make sure you come back and let us know if the Dark Chocolate Blackberry tasted good in your coffee!  We'd love to hear from you! Thank you everyone else for participating and making our first Gift-Away, a lot of fun!  We have another Gift-Away up our sleeves! We promise you'll want to pay attention!  We promise you, the fun … [Read more...]

Sweet Goddess Chocolate Sauce!!

This is a first here at LoveFeast Table!  We are having our first "Gift-Away"!  We are gifting-away a trio of Sweet Goddess Chocolate Sauces.  The flavors are Caramel, Blackberry Hot Fudge (Dark Chocolate) and Lemon Lavender (White Chocolate).  Chris Ann stumbled on Sweet Goddess Chocolates at the local Prior Lake Farmer's Market. Sweet Goddess, has a variety of high quality candy barks, toffees, and dessert sauces. Sweet Goddess has a Sweet Story! Last night we sampled the trio! We warmed the Lemon … [Read more...]