Friendship in Raising and Releasing Children

Today, I'm home in Baltimore, homeschooling my 3 younger kids (in theory). My husband is at work with our 14 year old who is off of high school this week.  My oldest son, Drama Boy (17) is in Minnesota with Chris Ann and her family. My thoughts have drifted to 15 years ago, when our two oldest sons were toddlers sharing a plastic table with a plate of cut up chicken nuggets and apples. Their vocabulary was limited, but somehow, even then, Chris Ann and I saw how easy they were with each other. They accepted each … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for so many things this year, but today we'd like to say a special thank you to all of those volunteers who took time yesterday from their own food prep, to prepare, serve and share a meal with the women at Safe House of Hope.  Their generosity and their caring hearts made the afternoon a special one. It was a LoveBomb in every sense of the word.  Volunteers and staff mingled and ate with the clients at Safe House of Hope.  Each person listening and sharing his/her story and what they were grateful for. … [Read more...]

Birthday Week, Part 2

My husband made it back the day after my birthday, a day before the next storm hit! You know that saying, "Love makes the heart grow fonder"?  I missed him and was so happy to see him!  He arrived and a wrapped package appeared on the table.  The kids gathered around and Little Man proceeded to help me tear off the paper.  I was shocked!!  Absolutely stunned!  Behind the wrapping paper was a much longed for upgrade to my camera...a new Nikon!  I really was surprised.  I thought a new camera was a bit further in the future, but … [Read more...]

Superhero Love

I woke up this morning next to my superhero. It's been 16 years of him watching over me and our family. He reminds me that a true superhero love is not always perfect...sometimes there's a dark side...but superhero love keeps coming back to where it started...back to fighting for justice, protecting those he loves, providing for those in need, always being vigilant, having integrity and always, balancing it with romance. I love that he loves me.  I love that he's still by my side, fighting to keep this … [Read more...]

Breville GiftAway

Here it is!!  Yes, we promised you that we had a special GiftAway coming...and here it is!  We have shared with you before just how special this machine is to us!  So, special that yes, we admit it, we took it on the road with us across the USA! I know, I know, it's a bit over the top!  But, you have to understand, my husband and I owned a coffee shop.  We are so dedicated to a good cup of coffee that we even backpacked our own beans and a press with us through China!  Priorities people!  When we stumbled on this gem of a … [Read more...]

Charm City Cake’s New Book!

Baltimore is known as Charm City.  I have to tell you, I love my city!  It's quirky.  It's loyal.  It's diverse and very creative.  It's home to the O's and the Charm City Roller Girls!  The Inner Harbor is a great tourist stop.  The Star Spangled Banner was written here and I promise, no other city has the Hon Fest!  Edgar Allan Poe found inspiration here!  And Duff Goldman has found a great spot to dig in his heels and sprout a delicious dream!  Baltimore is home to Charm City Cakes.  (We are so lucky!) The Charm City Cakes … [Read more...]

Thank You Friends!!

We want to thank you all for taking the time to vote for us for the Baltimore Sun's Mobbie Award for best foodie blog in Baltimore!  We landed at number 3 and at number 8 in best overall blog for Baltimore!  We can't begin to tell you how fun that week was for us! Thank you for putting up with our campaigning antics! We couldn't have done it without you guys! So, thank you! Thank you for joining us at the table! Chris Ann and Kristin … [Read more...]

Until We Meet!

Chris Ann is at a party somewhere in Minnesota with MckMama.  She was invited to this party by her friend, the very talented, recording artist Mela Kamin.  I'm sure she's having a blast!  I just hope her voice holds up.  I just got mine back.  How is it we had the same cold and yet are hundreds of miles away? So, I'm sitting here in Baltimore, thinking about this crazy, campaign trailing, facebook flooding, twitter-tweeting week!  Shew!  It was fun!  I only wish you could've heard the conversations Chris Ann and I had … [Read more...]