Our Obsession With Chalkboards

This is the logo we created with the help of my talented, computer animator, brother!  The silver frame around the chalkboard is part of our story. You see, when my husband and I owned Jahva House, this hung on the wall over the counter. The board was covered with coffee drinks and prices.  It was eclectic just like our coffee shop.  Our coffee station was an old secretary that we had painted green and it was full of sugars, stirrers, lids and half and half.  It sat right next to the stone fire … [Read more...]

From Dryer Lint to Dreams

We were on the phone again tonight... one of us Twittering and Facebook-ing, one of us loading dishes in the dishwasher and waiting for a teenager to get off the computer.   And, we are both reeling with giddiness!  Why you ask?  Well, one year and a half ago, two friends (and their husbands - whether they liked it or not!), set out to find an adventure!  We weren't really sure where it would lead or how we would do it.   In fact, we didn't always feel very - clever.   One of us didn't even know how to cut and paste, yet, let … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Chris Ann!!!

Shhhhhh!!!  Chris Ann has been frantically working on our next post.  Little does she know, I'm behind the scenes writing this!  Hopefully I can get it posted before she posts hers!  You see, today is her birthday!  So, I am posting a Birthday Cake Wish! So, Chris Ann, if you're reading....Happy Birthday!! Here is the cake I would make for you, because it's beautiful and delicious!!!  It reminds me of a cake with a lacy coconut skirt!  I think it's worthy of a LoveFeast Birthday shout out! My birthday wish for you is this I … [Read more...]

Lingering Before Returning

Today is the end of an era.  Today, I sent my little-est flower into the world of all day kindergarten. To bloom and grow... So, for the first time in fifteen years I am going to have something I haven't had in a while - time.  Now, that the kids will be back in school, we will again be able to focus on our business here at LoveFeast Table.   Kristin and I discussed this in detail this past summer...during one of our high powered meetings. Of course, we will still have our hands full with chauffeuring, … [Read more...]

Where It All Started…Golden West Cafe

It was about a year ago.  Chris Ann was in Baltimore for a visit.  She had just come out of a dreary Minnesota winter.  I planned a day of  "art-inspiration-creativity-fun stops and shops".  We went to ArHaus and were quickly inspired by the vignettes and even had a great conversation with the artist/installer there.  I saw Chris Ann take a deep, refreshing breath and she even smiled.  We then went to Clipper Mill to scope out the artists and to peek in Woodberry Kitchen.  We walked around and watched glass artists, iron artists … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

This is how we chill it, Minnesota style--out in a snowbank in sub degree temps!!  We are having a cozy New Year's, in this year.  We are thinking about our friends far and wide, friends that we have rung in many a more festive New Years with...but, we are content and cozy in our home awaiting our crack into this very nice sparkling wine.  Kristin & Devon are celebrating in their home with a couple of our other dear friends and at some point we will ching our glasses to the receiver of the telephone like we have for quite a … [Read more...]


  Pull up a chair, invite a friend and join us! … [Read more...]

Cookbook Events for Wanna Be Foodbloggers

We couldn't believe our good fortune.   We had invented our self proclaimed jobs:  food bloggers and cookbook writers and had decided we were big.  At least, big in our own minds.  So, bolstered by our gusto, guts, and the need to quite frankly, just get out of the house, we were going to do this thing.  We had psyched ourselves up, convinced our husbands (it didn't take long, we're a force to be reckoned with), and told our kids (mommies can't be quitters)--there would be no turning back now, be it, rain, floods, lightening, or … [Read more...]

Join us at the LoveFeast Table! Cheers!

Here we are!  Four friends toasting the beginning of our blog:  The Love Feast Table.  The purpose of our blog is to begin a discussion that we hope spreads about friends and family, and gathering at the table around good food, and of course life's adventures!  We have had so many amazing memories around the table, many of those times we thought too good not to share!  So, we are going to begin a conversation about these memories, past, present, and hopefully future!  We are hoping you, the reader, will come join us at our … [Read more...]