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Happy New Years From LoveFeast Table

  Dear Friends, We want to thank you for pulling up a chair to our table this year!  It was an exciting and busy year for us as we launched our new site, an online boutique and met so many wonderful people.  Thank you for joining us! We have been in great company. This is our latest, new addition, The LoveFeast Newsletter.  We will send this out once a month to give you a quick picture of what’s to come.  We will also share a tip from our kitchen and a featured item from LoveFeast Shop.  We … [Read more...]

A Christmas Memory

I was in Kindergarten.  We had moved back from Little Rock, Arkansas.  My dad was a pastor and had spent some time serving a small mountain church community.  We lived in a trailer and all I really remember about Arkansas was there was a horse that lived in the next yard. Early in the mornings, I'd go out with my parents and feed it carrots. I still remember the way it's nose felt in my open hand as it feasted on the treat. Being a pastor's family, meant we lived pretty simply.  But, as a young kid, I never knew there were … [Read more...]

LoveFeast Shop ~ Giveaways

Just like a good glass of wine shared with friends ~ we believe in sharing a good secret with our friends here at LoveFeast Table!!  What's the latest tidbits? Some of our blog friends are giving away  amazing finds from our LoveFeast Shop! Visit  House of Turquoise to find our amazing Roman Glass Necklace with a real antique Byzantine Coin.  That's old - y'all!  Really old!  But, better than that ~ each coin is one of a kind and beautiful.  Kristin and I especially like the touch of the 24k gold vermeil discs at the top of … [Read more...]

It’s Like Glitter On Top Of Cupcakes

A couple of weeks ago I flew into Baltimore for an LoveFeast inspiration weekend with Kristin.  Spending an inspiration weekend together turned out to be just like we dreamed it could be when we started our LoveFeast biz and blog! We walked down the alley's of Baltimore and met in coffee shops with artists who just might show up in our LoveFeast Shop! We had lunch with friends at a table at the Golden West Cafe -- where our LoveFeast journey began.  And went to a vintage jewelry pop up shop and to small boutiques … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for so many things this year, but today we'd like to say a special thank you to all of those volunteers who took time yesterday from their own food prep, to prepare, serve and share a meal with the women at Safe House of Hope.  Their generosity and their caring hearts made the afternoon a special one. It was a LoveBomb in every sense of the word.  Volunteers and staff mingled and ate with the clients at Safe House of Hope.  Each person listening and sharing his/her story and what they were grateful for. … [Read more...]

Being a Guest in My Own Home

Last week, we had our friends Mike and Terrill stay with us as our guests.  We got ready for them by cleaning their "suite" and primping small gifts.  We wanted them to feel comfortable and welcomed.  Even though they were here for work, we wanted them to feel like they could be here on their off hours and relax.  Unfortunately, we had a weekend that was off the hook for us personally.  I would love to go into detail and share with you all, but honestly I'm so emotionally spent from it all, I don't want to expend any more energy … [Read more...]

Gratefulness Leads to Another Giveaway

We are a bit giddy around here! You see, we're coming into a season of gratefulness.  And we are counting our many blessings over this past year.  We are grateful for husbands who support us, kids who adore us (most days), a new look for our table, our friendship and for you!  We are so thankful for your support and friendships.  We are amazed at all the wonderful people we are meeting around the "virtual" table and the outpouring of thankfulness that came out of our last LoveFeast Plush Pumpkin giveaway, that well...we decided … [Read more...]

Preparing for Overnight Guests

For years, my husband and I have told people, we'd like to have a bed and breakfast or something like that, when we retire. We love having overnight guests in our home.  Usually we host people we know, like our good friends Mike and Terrill who are coming today for a long weekend.  Sometimes we have hosted people we've never met.  I know some of you may be freaking out a little here...wondering how we could possibly entertain folks in our home we've never met, but I have to tell you, these unexpected visitors have all become … [Read more...]

Table Guest ~ Laura Tremaine ~ Hollywood Housewife

It's not uncommon for blogger friendships to start online.  We first met Laura Tremain on Twitter.  We became chatty - familiar.  Then, while scouting outfits for a Blissdom (blogging conference) fashion post, Chris Ann game across "the dress" - only to realize, it was being worn by none other than Laura, their LoveFeast Twitter friend.  A half a year later, the LoveFeast girls met up with Laura at BlogHer in NYC, to find that the launch of online friendships blossom IRL (in real life).  We will always remember the London and … [Read more...]

Better Homes And Garden Tricks & Treats Magazine ~ Featuring Plush Pumpkins

We knew when we first laid eyes on our velvet Plush Pumpkins that they would be a hit!  Instantly we envisioned  them decorating our tables!  Have your checked out the current special issue of Better Homes And Gardens Halloween tricks & treats magazine? Turns out the editors at Better Homes And Gardens thought they'd be fun inspiration for their Mad Tea Party styled editorial. Our LoveFeast Shop Plush Pumpkins are piled on the tables ~ their velvety texture adding luxury and beauty to the tablescaping! We … [Read more...]