St. Patrick’s Day Link Up Tomorrow & Other Fun News

We just wanted to let you know some of the fun things happening at our Table. Tomorrow, Fancy Friday will be a Link Up party for all things GREEN and ST. PATRICK'S DAY! So, get your posts ready and link up tomorrow. Speaking of St. Patrick's Day...let's talk Ireland for a minute. I (Kristin) went to Ireland about  6 years ago. My husband and I have great friends who live there and are doing amazing work on reconciliation. They bring people to the table who have very different views and faith to share and listen to one another. … [Read more...]

Table Talk ~ Our First Live Chat

Shew! We survived! We just wrapped up our first LIVE Chat on Coffee Talk at BlogFrog. It was such a lively chat - what a blast!! Yes, it was. No major secrets came out - lol!! Except that we use candlelight to hide craping. Do people know what craping is?  Perhaps you should tell that story...Remember the time you called me from a restaurant because you had just over heard to ladies talking about craping in front of the mirror?  And, you had to call and tell me about it? Yes, kinda...but, let’s just clarify, … [Read more...]

Coffee Talk BlogFrog Community Discussion

One of our favorite things is to share a cup of joe and some coffee chat.  When we were mothers with very young children we use to drive up and down the streets with our vans filled with sleeping toddlers and babies strapped in their car seats.  We would pass each other in the streets and nod and lift our cups to each other. Times have changed for us!!  We're now "coffee chatting" online ~ which is almost as good as in real life!! Please join us TOMORROW for a LIVE CHAT  :  Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 9 pm est We are going … [Read more...]

Happy New Years From LoveFeast Table

  Dear Friends, We want to thank you for pulling up a chair to our table this year!  It was an exciting and busy year for us as we launched our new site, an online boutique and met so many wonderful people.  Thank you for joining us! We have been in great company. This is our latest, new addition, The LoveFeast Newsletter.  We will send this out once a month to give you a quick picture of what’s to come.  We will also share a tip from our kitchen and a featured item from LoveFeast Shop.  We … [Read more...]

A Christmas Memory

I was in Kindergarten.  We had moved back from Little Rock, Arkansas.  My dad was a pastor and had spent some time serving a small mountain church community.  We lived in a trailer and all I really remember about Arkansas was there was a horse that lived in the next yard. Early in the mornings, I'd go out with my parents and feed it carrots. I still remember the way it's nose felt in my open hand as it feasted on the treat. Being a pastor's family, meant we lived pretty simply.  But, as a young kid, I never knew there were … [Read more...]

Better Homes And Garden Tricks & Treats Magazine ~ Featuring Plush Pumpkins

We knew when we first laid eyes on our velvet Plush Pumpkins that they would be a hit!  Instantly we envisioned  them decorating our tables!  Have your checked out the current special issue of Better Homes And Gardens Halloween tricks & treats magazine? Turns out the editors at Better Homes And Gardens thought they'd be fun inspiration for their Mad Tea Party styled editorial. Our LoveFeast Shop Plush Pumpkins are piled on the tables ~ their velvety texture adding luxury and beauty to the tablescaping! We … [Read more...]

On Our Table ~ This week in August

We have had a busy month this past August.  We've been working for so long to finish our new design and it's been so much fun to celebrate our launch this month.   We hope you have been enjoying our newly designed table as much as we have.  It's been like taking this beautiful mess of ideas and scraps of inspiration and turning it into a package that has been truly a gift to use for us!  And, keep your eyes open!  We'll be adding new bits of color and pieces to our table as we go!  We still have some surprises up our … [Read more...]