Cranberry Orange & White Chocolate Scones

Last weekend Suburbia Man and I were at the Mall of America doing some Christmas shopping.  MOA had slightly died down from the masses of people herded up at the Pioneer Woman book signing.  We had been lapping the mall and our blood sugar was dipping when we happened to pass by the Godiva store with a sign out front that said 20 percent off-it caught my eye, I love a deal....even a mini-deal! But, then the cheerful gals behind the counter beckoned me in with an offer of a cup of hot chocolate!   Let me tell you, that was one … [Read more...]

Pioneer Woman Book Signing

What a day yesterday was!  Now that I'm relaxing in my yoga pants with a double espresso downed and doing laundry, I can barely figure out how to recap!  Let's just say that Saturday I hit the ground running-but at least I didn't hit a deer (ahem! Kristin).  First of all, I was double booked.   I had committed to being on the hostess committee for a benefit for Healing House, an amazing residential recovery for women and their children. My friend Teena Dietz, founder of Intentional Serenity was the co-chair of this event, … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday Favorite Room

My kitchen is my favorite room in my house.  It is full of things that make me happy.  Like a little hand painted bowl my mom brought back from Spain. A hand made flower that I received in the mail from a friend (Chris Ann to be exact!)  Hand painted tiles from my daughter. A beautiful dish our friend from Morocco gave to us.  We shared a lamb and cous cous dish, his mother prepared for us, off of this plate. My knobs! A vintage plaque that reminds me to give thanks for all things.  A little ornament I … [Read more...]

My MckMama’s Mudd Lake Confessional

It's easy to have your head stuck in your own little world....especially if you are fixated, possibly addicted, and definitely obsessed with winning a certain contest. (Not me!)  And, therefore, with all my stalking of possible breathing bodies to vote for us in the Baltimore Food Blogging Awards....I was just just a little narrow sighted...(who? not me!) when my friend, Mela, mentioned a gathering of bloggers & mama's that were going to be at a place called Mudd Lake. Initially, I thought I wouldn't want to leave my … [Read more...]

Lemon Souffle For Mother’s Day

So, I just spent the morning reading about the adventures of Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, her blog and her twitters, and also, I must add:  that of her bloggy friends, like Smitten Kitchen.  And, let me tell you!  These people are going to spontaneously combust with creativity and energy!  I don't think they're normal!  And, I say this with MUCH admiration, as well as awe.  My reasoning?  They are waking up at the crack of dawn, 5 a.m. to cook!  And, they turn out more cooking and baking in a couple days than I could hope for … [Read more...]