Russian Tea Cake Cookies

Today we welcome Rachael, all the way from Japan, to our table!  She shares her story today of being across the globe from family and how the memory of hot chocolate and Russian Tea Cake Cookies keep her memories close to home.  We are so happy to have her with us at our table as she shares a recipe, her love of food and a story from her view from her Tokoyo Terrace. ~Chris Ann & Kristin ****** Spending this time of year a world away from my family can be difficult. Memories flood through my head without warning … [Read more...]

German Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

Today we'd like to welcome Natalie Slater, to our table!  Natalie is the creator and writer of Bake and Destroy.   She's a resident blogger at WTTW Chicago Tonight and has served as a judge on Food Network's Cupcake Wars. Ever since she was a little girl her sweet tooth has been razor-sharp.  Natalie shares her love of baking with us fostered by times shared in the kitchen with her mom.  We're so glad to have her here as a guest at our table!  ~Chris Ann & Kristin ****** My happiest holiday memories definitely … [Read more...]

Sugar Plum Cookies

We are so happy to begin our first LoveFeast's Cookie Exchange post with our friend, Kate Selner.  Kate is the talented writer and home cook behind the lovely written blog, Kate In the Kitchen featuring the beauty of authentic foods, memories and family.  Like always, we are so happy to have Kate join us at the table and share her story!  ~Chris Ann & Kristin ****** I want to introduce you to my wonderful and creative friends behind LoveFeast Table. Kristin, from Baltimore, and Chris Ann, who is right here in … [Read more...]

Velvet Pumpkin Center Piece

Chris Ann had seen these beauties in real life. She's the one who discovered them and she even brought a few home.   I had pumpkin envy.  But, to be honest, it didn't last for long!  I ordered my own set.  I went a little "non-traditional" to match my newly (in process of) remodeled dining room. As some of you know, we have been in the midst of a major renovation after our flood.  Because my life has been in renovation mode, my design bug has been in hibernation mode.  I didn't plant a single mum...or even make my front … [Read more...]

31 Days To Savor ~ Awesome Earrings

We think Savoring A Beautiful Life can be as simple as donning a pair or amazing earrings. The simplest outfit can be taken to another level with the right baubles.  We always knew that.  But, a while ago after we did our original earring post, Fancy Friday Earrings we knew that fact rang true.  One of our readers even commented: "I am yet intimidated by my jewelry box. Up to now, I am the type that has a comfy set of diamond earrings that never–okay occasionally–leave my ears. One day I’ll comprehend the full power … [Read more...]

Fancy Friday ~ Costumes

How Rude! How dangerous! How disturbing! How frightening! How purr-fect is your Halloween going to be? Grab our Fancy Friday badge here and add your posts below! … [Read more...]

31 Days To Savor ~ Aprons! + Apron GiveAway!

Recently, a dear friend of mine sent me this colorful and whimsical apron!!  It is now the inspiration piece to our next 31 Days To Savor A Beautiful Life subject ~ Aprons!! This is an apron I received from a neighbor-lady from my childhood at my wedding shower.  I have used it for years.  It is hand made!!  I love the big pockets...which are a handy spot to drop a lego, a hair-clip, pen or pencil or just any odd bit that is out of place as I scurry through my house picking up.  This is my cleaning-up-the-house … [Read more...]

31 Days To Savor ~ Better Dish Soap

Wanna put a little whistle in your work?  Then this is my 31 Days To Savoring A Beautiful Life tip number 27:  Upgrade your dish soap! Lately I've chosen Mrs. Meyer's Basil scent.  My local grocery store sells it.  It's a tad more than other commercial brands, but it makes me happy~dare I say cheerful about my scrubbing! Scrubbing goes by quicker with happy-soap...and a cheerful tune! What's your trick for getting your work done and savoring the moments you're working? … [Read more...]

31 Days to Savor~Handwritten Note

Life is so busy.  The tools around us help us flow quickly with the, airplanes, computers and even twitter.  We communicate quickly and in real time.  It's a gift.  We are even able to touch base with people who we wouldn't normally through facebook. With all of our quick communication and busy life, I kinda miss the art of the handwritten note.  Recently, we received a handwritten note from Queen of the House of Boys. She was thanking us for a wonderful time at the BlogLove European Marketplace event.  She's our … [Read more...]

31 Days to Savor~New Spices

When was the last time you bought new spices for your pantry?  Do your spice jars look like this? When then look like this, they have very little flavor.  Throw them out!  To fully savor your spices' potential, look for new spices that look like this! … [Read more...]