FooMamas Style

Yeah, so we've decided there needs to be a new genre for bloggers...The FooMama Style!  You see, LoveFeast Table is a food blog.  We talk about food, the conversations that happen at the table, food memories, the people who join us at the table and food toys!  But, we also happen to be Mamas!  There are 9 kids between us, so we are definitely qualified to be "Mommy Bloggers".  At the same time, we are both artists and we love anything that sparks our imaginations or strikes our fancies.  So, we think, if you want to throw us in a … [Read more...]

I’m On My Way!

My suitcase is packed and I'm ready to go!  Kristin and I are looking forward to 5 days of fun together.  We have a bunch of things to work on for our blog and of course we'll share some time around the table... whether it's Maryland crabs, pizza on the grill, fine dining or a favorite local restaurant.   We haven't been together since October, when we created Fancy Friday and challenged Ryan of This Is Reverb, to a LoveFeast TakeOn!   We know we are looking forward to meeting up with some other east coast bloggers during my … [Read more...]

Tickled Pink Tropical “Iced Tea”

Something tells us it's going to be a great summer!  For starters...Chris Ann will be flying in to B'more to meet up with Kristin for some LoveFeast Table time.  We are going to be hanging out, meeting up with the bloggers of Momz Share and sipping something pink.  Thinking about pink...look what our friend Greg from Sippity Sup has made for us?!  This summers "signature" cocktail!!  Inspired by pink and party friendly we are looking forward to tasting it together.  So, raise a glass to Greg who has created this wonderful drink … [Read more...]

We’re Serving Cake Today!

We're glad you stopped by!  Guess where we are today?  We're visiting our friend, Susan, at She's Becoming Doughmesstic.  We're serving up Banana Chip Cake with Whipped Mocha Ganache.  It's going to be a great visit!  Susan has a great sense of humor and a load of talent.  She's also a baker extraordinaire!!  So pop on over there and join us at the table!  We're swapping stories and having a slice of cake to go with it! And, don't forget to join us this Friday for Fancy Friday Cakes!  Add your post about cakes onto our … [Read more...]

Lemon Souffle & More

Here's the scoop on what the week hold for LoveFeast Table!  Tonight Kristin is attending a Pioneer Woman book signing in Virginia similar to the one I attended in Minnesota.  Later in the week you can catch our story on that as well as a Pioneer Woman Cookbook GiftAway!!  Then tomorrow for a change of pace we will be guest posting over at She's Becoming Doughmesstic!  It's going to be a little time to relax and chat in cyber/blogging world!  Friday is Fancy Friday here at LoveFeast Table.  This weeks theme is all about cake!!  … [Read more...]

FRESH Farm To Table Event At Lucia’s

Gathering at the table is always a good thing.  Last Friday I was able to have the opportunity to sit at Lucia's gracious table at a Farm to Table Event supporting the movie, FRESH: New thinking About What We're Eating.  It was an opportunity for me, a suburban mom and blogger, to learn a little more about the sustainable food and farming movement from some of the people who are living and leading it in the Twin Cities. Lucia, of Lucia's Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN) led the conversation.  Lucia is a leader in the local … [Read more...]

Art & Inspiration

Spring is here!  And, I know that I am enjoying it inside and out.  A while ago I was the lucky winner of this beautiful oil painting in a giveaway from Sandy, who writes the blog The Reluctant Entertainer.  Her blog has lots of wonderful tips and stories on hospitality and sharing a meal together with people at your table.  I got an opportunity to meet Sandy at the Blissdom Conference and after visiting her blog knew from the start we had a lot in common including the love and inspiration of art!  This oil painting that Sandy … [Read more...]

Memories of Dishes

Dishes.  Most tell a story.  Mine do.  Dishes are something Kristin and I have always liked.  Our back closets and hutches are filled with mismatched stacks and candles and such.  Years ago we would roam flea markets and yard sales looking for the perfect vintage pattern with sticky toddlers in tow, babies hung 'round our necks and pushing strollers with twisted wheels.  We would find an odd piece here and there, a stapled together repaired old teapot (yes, metal staples!), a single cup and saucer - mixed in with the perfect lamp … [Read more...]

Phillips + Love = Family

About 10, 15 or so years ago, I worked at Phillips Crab House in Ocean City, MD.  I worked there for two summers.  If you're not from around here (Maryland) then you may not understand the gift I was given in having worked for Phillips Crab House.  Phillips Crab House is the "go to" restaurant in Ocean City, MD.  It is a family business that quickly whittles it's way into most Marylander's family traditions!  If you are on vacation with your family, you just have to go (and wait in long lines) to Phillips! I was server for … [Read more...]

Home Is A Scent Of Happiness

There are many things that inspire me...colors, textures, sounds, art, and yes, even scents.  I try and bring the outdoors in as much as possible.  But, it's too early for the scents from my garden of roses, Walker's Low cat-mint, lilacs, herbs, and irises here in Minnesota. You see the grass is just beginning to turn green. But, I can smell the earth and the damp mud of spring coming through my newly opened windows. While I wait for the garden a beautiful orchid in my dining room teases me with the scent of … [Read more...]